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What is an Advanced Diploma?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) April 23rd, 2014

Is an Advanced Diploma more valuable than a Bachelor Degree? Does it make sense for someone who has just gotten a Bachelor Degree to then go for an Advanced Diploma or an Advanced Specialist Diploma? Can the Advanced Diploma be used with the Bachelors Degree?

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I’m assuming this is a UK thing. If so, I found this:

“In UK, an advanced diploma is equivalent to three and a half A levels. It is a level 3 qualification for those over 16 and can lead into university or into a career.”

“An Advanced Diploma is considered equivalent to ⅔ yrs in the UK University level prior to a full Bachelors degree being conferred. This is different from the assumption of most people that an Advanced Diploma is equivalent to a Bachelors degree.”

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What @livelaughlove21 said, but maybe you need to specific your country? I have an “advanced studies diploma” from high school. It means I took three more credits, some maybe one level more advanced than regular requirements in some areas (think it required I finish French III, instead of stop at French II – still means I don’t know French).

I don’t think it means anything to anyone outside of my former school district.

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