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Who is this person?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) April 25th, 2014

Can someone please tell me who this is? This is from a card found in a box of Topps Archives football cards.

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@weeveeship Sorry but the link doesn’t work. edit it’s working now… the guy seems familiar…but I don’t know.

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That is me.

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@AshLeigh You’re on hot mother.

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Is the photo on a card or tucked inside a card in the box you found? Looked like it is signed Billy Joe.

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It’s Betty Lee, who I believe is the in vitro son of bakery giants Betty Crocker and Sara Lee. ;-o

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That’s Woody Allen. He is really good at disguises.

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I realize this is in social, but, it’s still a bit astounding how unhelpful you guys are being.

I think @Hypocrisy_Central is on to something there. I looked up Billy Joe and came up with this . Google image search isn’t all that helpful though so I’m not sure if that is really him or not.

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@El_Cadejo I think the reason that the answers are unhelpful is that there’s nothing to find on this person, at least without more information. I did an extensive search on football players named “Billy Joe” and none of those with images on Google resemble the man in the given photo. This is a card featuring the player you linked to.

I think @Hypocrisy_Central‘s question is important – is this photo from a football card, or was it just a photo thrown into the box? We don’t even know if he was a football player. He could be a coach or some random dude the owner of the box knew.

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Well, Googling in addition to the photo already posted the only other one I could find that favored Mr. Joe was this one, and I would not bet the farm on it. The question remains, was Billy Joe on a sports trading card or just with a card in the box, that would tell if he could be found, if at all?

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My friend found the card, not me. But, my understanding is that this is a photo in a box of football cards. It was what one might call a “box topper” a throw in in a box of cards as an added bonus to people who buy a whole box of cards as opposed to a single pack.

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Maybe it’s Billy Joe Dupree instead of just Billy Joe? Another Dupree photo

The features in your photo seem to align more with Dupree’s. Similar nose, eyebrows and chin but the different expression, weight and age makes it difficult for me to know for sure.

Dupree definitely looks more like your photo than the other Billy Joe does.

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