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Who was the artist of the painting on Antique Roadshow April 14?

Asked by Dog (24698points) April 25th, 2014

My father saw a rebroadcast of the April 14th (American) Antiques Roadshow and was in awe of a painting that was brought in.

He described the painting as a lady on a grassy hilltop with children at her feet. She was holding her bonnet upon her head and they were beautiful clouds in the background. It was valued at around 40k.

If at all possible I would love to surprise him with a print of this painting. Unfortunately I have been unable to find out any more information on the artist or the painting.

Dear Flutherites- can you help?

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Wouldn’t your best bet be to search online for a rebroadcast of the program or contact the producers? At 40K, it’s not likely to be by a very famous artist and the subject matter isn’t that unique for it to be easily found.

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I think I found it – the woman is not holding her bonnet, although she is holding something that looks like a bonnet. It appears around the 35 minute mark in this Kansas City episode.

The artist was Frank H. Desch of Philadelphia.

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@dappled_leaves YOU ROCK! Thank you so very much!

@janbb you are right- he is not anyone I have ever heard of.

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@Dog You’re welcome! :)

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