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Can you help me with the name of this piece of music?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14774points) April 27th, 2014


It sounds like jazz, I think.

I guess some old-timers here may be able to help me identify the name of this music.

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Neither Shazam nor SoundHound, or even my Jazz-fan fiancé, were able to recognize it.

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It is jazz, but it is not The Shadow Of Your Smile.

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It’s jazz from the era of “Shadow of Your Smile” The 60s thru 70s. I suspect it might be part of a film score. Where did you come across it?

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It sounds like a bad, easy-listening version of Everybody Wants to be a Cat, played on a broken Casio.

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@stanleybmanly A few days ago my cousin lent me his usb and asked me to copy some files from my computer to the usb. Apparently he forgot to move all his personal files inside the usb, so I browsed around. And that was how I came across the music. I have tried to ask him the name, but he said that he downloaded it a long time ago and one day he accidentally deleted his music folder. After using the file recovery tool, the music file lost its name. He forgot its name and didn’t rename it. But he didn’t really care because he only listened to music and didn’t care for the name very much :(

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For anyone who is interested, I finally found out the name of that music! It is called Intractable and was created by a certain Kevin MacLeod.

And here’s the complete version of that music.

@dappled_leaves I guess that Kevin MacLeod guy did listen to Everybody Wants to be a Cat before creating this masterpiece. There are actually some similarities between these two music.

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“Apparently he forgot to move all his personal files inside the usb, so I browsed around.”

I hope you answered my question entitled Are you nosy?

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