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Sports Fans: Have you ever rooted for only your cities team then one day decided to root for other teams as well?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) April 28th, 2014

A lot of my artist friends don’t take sports as serious as I do and they just enjoy NBA, NFL, and MLB in general… As in they will wear any hat that looks aesthetically cool. I don’t blame them we live in San Diego and many people here are transplants.

So how about you? Was there ever a point where you decided you were ditching your cities team?

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Not in that way, but I follow footballers I admire regardless of which team they play for.
When Gareth Bale played for Spurs, I watched their games whenever they were live on tv & the same since he moved to Real Madrid. I have no liking for those teams, just want to see him doing well, fantastic player that he is.

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Oh yes. In the 60 the L.A. Rams were a monster NFL Football team {the real football, not that silly futbol}
They would always go to the playoffs, but they would always lose to Dallas Cowboys and/or Minnesota Vikings.
Roman Gabriel was the quarterback and one day it was reported in the press that he was caught in flagrante delicto with Jim Nabors {Gomer Pyle}. That was it.

I now actually enjoy watching Premier League Soccer play from Merry Olde England. Liverpool and Manchester United and Fulham and the rest. Very exciting.

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It’s not soccer, it’s proper football, the one, the only, the original football.

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Before the A’s came to Oakland, I rooted for the Giants, and I always rooted for the Raiders.
When the Raiders still had a good team, I watched Joe Montana play for the 49ers, and was amazed at his playing skill, so I rooted for him, which meant rooting for the niners.
When I saw how incredible Michael Jordan played, I rooted for the Bulls. When he retired, I stopped.

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Nope. Always been a Cardinals fan (grew up near St. Louis), always will be. That has not, and will not change just because I live in Chicagoland now. Plus it’s fun wearing my Cardinals cap deep in Cubs territory (and Cubs fans know they can’t say shit).

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I have lived my entire life in Illinois rooting for Wisconsin’s Packers and Brewers.

I’ll stop watching football and baseball before I ever switch teams.

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