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Is it not long overdue, to officially recognise the true core of Easter and Christmas, namely the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus?

Asked by ragingloli (41840points) April 28th, 2014

The bunny and the fat man are today the most prevalent icons associated with those two holidays, so it is only natural to declare and recognise that they, as well as presents and chocolate eggs, are what those holidays are all about.

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I always enjoyed The Onion’s Easter cards.

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When I was a young tyke my sibs and I actually saw the Easter Bunny at my grandparents’ ranch near Fontana.
As for Santa Claus, well, if you don’t believe in Santa that is unfortunate for the both of you.

And presents and chocolate eggs is/are what those holidays are about. Oh yeah, and of course they’re about that guy who was born to show us we are all god back in way back.

You’d think god would have sent the kid here later, when there was mass communication.

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@ragingloli – you are really getting at the core theological tenets of christianity.

It’s clear that the Bible (as we know it) is erroneous. The real and true bible, at least in your religion, is “Peter Rabbit meets the big Red Fat Man” – and that gives all the theological basis for anything else.

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Christmas and Easter were created by the Roman Catholic Church to convert pagans by transforming their holidays into Christian holidays. The image and role of Kriss Kringle has changed over the decades. Christmas cards and advertisements in the United States seventy-five years ago depicted him as a skinny person. Later he evolved into a jolly, fat man smoking a pipe. Today he no longer smokes, but instead enjoys soft drinks.

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I thought it was about seasonal candy. That’s gotta be a billion dollar industry.

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I thought it was greeting cards and the food industry that were at the heart of the holidays.

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It’s all just an excuse for the schools to stick us with having our kids, bored with school and full of zest, be at home a few days making us all crazy.
(still picking up all the hair I pulled while cross eyed) AUGHHHH!

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Religious holidays being commercialized, what exactly is new here?

What I would like to know is, what is the relation between the resurrection of The Christ and a bunny shitting out chocolate eggs? I know it’s commercialized, but how did this relation come to be? Why a rabbit? Because it symbolizes spring? But rabbits don’t lay eggs, so why not an Easter Chicken instead? Is it because all other religious holidays include turkey and chicken, and people get tired of it? And why chocolate anyway?

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Other holidays include chicken? Man, I’ve been fucking up cooking all these hams and turkeys. Next year we are carving a Christmas Chicken, or two, or three. Maybe I should cook a whole coop. Depends on who RSVPs.

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@Symbeline Because there is nothing more indulgent than a reason to stuff your pie hole full of chocolate all before 8 am.

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You tryn to tell me somethin haha.

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