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Will an Aeron chair fit in a car?

Asked by Rotwang (296points) July 3rd, 2008

I need to haul an Aeron chair. will it fit in a car or do I need a van?

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I guess you could probably take it apart. If not, then the van option or home delivery is your best bet.

what ever though, you gotta get that thing home.. they’re lovely!!!!

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Also, which one are you buying? if it’s just one of those small conference chairs, you could probably have it upside down next to you in the front if you don’t have any big storage space, like fold down back seats.

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It’s the size “B” office chair, not one of the conference chairs. Hey you have one, right? Can you tell me what the bolts are on it? Like phillips head screws or do I need a wrench, or what? I’m going to bring tools in case I have to dissassemble it.

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