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Is this site better then yahoo answers?

Asked by dartfeld (27points) April 29th, 2014

Like does it have better questions and people on it

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I’m going to be objective, so I’ll say you have to find out by yourself. This site can be good for me but not for you.

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What a waste of a third
Question for the day.

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I’ve never used Yahoo answers but I have to agree with @Mimishu1995, what suits one person may not suit everyone so I suggest you spend a little time here and find out if it suits you. And welcome.

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This is by far the better site. Smaller, more personable. More fun. Less spammers and less multiple account users {you know, people with more than one account which they use to stir things up, troll and start fights}.

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In my opinion, by about 60 IQ points. There are decent users on yahoo, but there’s also a great deal of flamers, trolls and riff raff. I’ve seen decent responses at times on yahoo, but I’m yet to see a decent discussion between other users in a thread.

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You’re better off staying on Yahoo!Answers. Go back there.

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Shame on any of you not welcoming anyone. They may not stay, for a variety of reasons, but I would like to give anyone a forgiving, open-minded and generous chance.

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It really depends what sort of a Q&A site you prefer. If you prefer a small site with fewer but better-quality questions and more active moderation, then Fluther is better. If you prefer a larger, more anonymous site with unlimited and often nonsensical questions and no moderation of trollish behaviour then YA is better. 99% of the questions on YA would not be tolerated here.

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Is this thread turning into a self-promotion thread already? Let the OP decide himself.

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