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How do you gain more happiness in life?

Asked by dartfeld (27points) April 29th, 2014

Is there a way to be more happy around people?

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1. Confidence
2. Optimism.
3. Good personalities (kindness, honest…)
4. Humor.
5. A firmly set goal.

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Just answer more questions you see on this site. If you want to find comraderie, then watch and interact.

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I like people who use correct English. Proper English usage makes me happy.

You should say happier and not more happy.

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More happy around people? Sure, fake it til you make it. Put on your smile and if anyone asks how you are just reply, “great.” Hopefully, you will attract happy people and that will help you have their attitude. Our brains work kind of in a circle. When we are happy we smile. If you smile it can actually make you feel happier. I am not saying walk around with permagrin, but there really is something to playing a part and it eventually become part of you. I am not recommending to constantly be faking it or not be yourself, only recommending that it is possible that you can change the trend of your mood, assuming you don’t have any serious mood disorders which might need additional expert help. Another example of the brain circle I was talking about, just to emphasize my point, is when we are calm our breathing is usually slow and our blood pressure and heart rate are lower than stressful times. People who are easily stressed and anxious are taught to take the time to breath deeply and slowly. The breathing is a cue to the mind and body that the environment is safe and the brain takes that information and reduces the other symptoms associated with stress.

Happiness can come in moments and dwelling on the moment can stretch them out and change your whole outlook. Be very aware of when you are happy, and focus on it.

Getting older usually helps happiness too. Studies of the brain show young people actually have more of their brain feeling emotional pain. If you are under 30 there is much to look forward to not only in life in general, but also a very good chance of feeling much happier.

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Make conversation an art form. Everyone loves talking to a good conversationalist, because it can be such a rare thing in our social media age where few people can think beyond 160 characters at a time. A few guidelines:

- People need to feel you are interested in them before they become interested in you. I don’t care if you’ve ridden a unicycle through the great migrations of the Serengeti, listen to other people’s stories first.
– Build your memory. Nothing says “I listen to you, and value what you say” like pulling up a relevant fact about a person that they forgot they even told you.
– Remember names of friends, and address them using their names the first few times you meet up. If you remember someone’s name when they’re not sure of yours, they feel bad. And then they try to get to know you better to make up for it. Just don’t do it in a way that socially devalues yourself – meaning don’t suck up.
– Ask relevant questions. This can yield so much more information that a response like “that must’ve been fun”, and you’ll feel like old friends in no time.
– Break up your conversations with humour. No one wants a D&M early in a friendship, so joke around a bit to keep everything light-hearted.
– Have a damn good story to tell. Once a person is interested in your life, and stops talking about themselves, you’d better keep their attention. A good fast paced story is a great way to do this, and you can portray yourself however you like while you’re at it. If you start with “Oh yeah, that reminds me of last week’s audit I did at my accounting firm”, you’re not doing it right. Try something more like “Everyone should dive with sharks once in their life. Just last month, I went to…” And leave plenty of gaps in your story, that will have them asking questions and getting involved in the telling of the story.

If you’re more fun to be around, people will want to be around you, and that will bring you satisfaction. Work on other people’s happiness (without being that whimpering suck up), and your own will come to you.

There are only two things in life that I have found to reliably make people happy: positive social interactions on a regular basis, and the relaxed confidence of knowing within yourself that you are a fantastic, accomplished person. Both aspects feed from each other, so work on both. Do more, see more, be more. And then translate it into your social circles.

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Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Have confidence in yourself. Definitely need a good sense of humor because when life gets you down, you need to be able to laugh. Laugh at anything that makes you smile. I also think you need to be happy with yourself. Like the skin you are in. Above all….Smile!

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