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Why does the General section have its name?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) May 1st, 2014

AKA why is that section called: “General” and not any other names?

Now that we have social section and meta section, I think the better name for it should be “Serious section”. The general section has such a strict guideline that the name “general” doesn’t seem to suit it.

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It is the primary purpose for which Fluther was founded: to provide serious, expert answers to questions.

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I agree, general doesn’t suit it.

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Personally, i’d rename the three sections…

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Ucme nailed it!

Here’s my suggestion:

Happy Friday, all!

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“General” does not refer to the categories questions, but to the rank of the Mods who come down like a ton of bricks on anyone straying from the topic.

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What @marinelife said. I think General works just fine. There was a time when there were no sections at all.

general: holding superior rank or taking precedence over others similarly titled

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