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Do you write online reviews for restaurants, hotels, etc. on travel sites, and if so, how much detail do you give about your experiences?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 2nd, 2014

Do you write online reviews on travel sites? If so, how much detail do you provide about your experiences? Do you name the staff you interact with in your reviews? For example, “I had a great waitress named Mary” or “When I checked in, Mike Smith was somewhat surly as he took my information?”

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Yes I do. I don’t do it very consistently though (maybe I write 5 reviews a year) and mostly I write about hotels and restaurants while on vacation. I think I have reviewed a local restaurant only once, maybe twice at most.

I rarely mention a specific employee. For a hotel I write about the cleanliness, location, and overall experience. If the bed is very uncomfortable I mention that too. For a restaurant I discuss the food and location. The service would have to be pretty bad for me to bother to mention it. I can only remember one time writing negatively about service, and it was because the service was extremely slow. I just gave it as a warning to consider not going there if you are in a rush.

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No, I’ve never been a big fan of that kind of thing and I put little stock in what some random internet stranger says who has different ideas of what a quality establishment is.

I don’t mind product reviews as much because at least there’s quality control there.

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I should mention I only do it on Tripadvisor and I consult Tripadvisor when booking trips.

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I am also a Tripadvisor user. I will only bother to write a review if I liked the place and there were some really negative reviews in the past. Tripadvisor tends to force the reviewer to be a little more specific than “Dude, The waitress and the fries were so hot. 5 stars”. Their reviews are moderated and they make you consider all aspects of the experience.

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I’ve only written a few. As many, if not more glowing reviews than scathing. If a place is just amazing for some reason I’ll look them up and leave positive comments. There was recently a cockroach crawling over the sushi at the local buffet, so I made mention of that.

Most of my reviews are local. I realize that different regions have different expectations, so I don’t rain on someone else’s parade.

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Every now and then. generally I write these only if something was bad or disturbing. I don’t write them if something is good (or normal )—my expectation is that things should be good – just doing your job right doesn’t buy you a compliment.

Right now I am tempted to make a major negative complaint about a hotel I stayed at in Colorado last week…

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yes I do. I keep it short and to the point. usually about cleanliness, quality of food, prices, sights in the area and if it is a good location for families or singles. Also the best time of year to go if a person wants to avoid crowds or get a bargain.

I rarely say anything bad about a place unless it was really really really terrible.

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Yes I do. I wouldn’t mention any names, even if the service was fantastic, because some people are very private (myself included) and wouldn’t want their name mentioned out in a public forum, and it could lead to legal consequences. I might say that I had a terrific waiter, or that the waiter seemed untrained or overwhelmed on the night I was there.

If I had a specific problem (or particularly great service) I would be inclined to write to the manager of the restaurant/hotel/store.

Otherwise I stick to the details of the meal; the size, decor, and cleanliness of the establishment; the wait time; the parking situation; the convenience or inconvenience of the hours. Stuff like that.

I rarely write a bad review, mostly because I’m very tolerant and easy to please, so I hardly ever have a bad experience, at least not at a restaurant.

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