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What DIY jobs or projects have you or would you be brave enough to tackle?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 3rd, 2014

To me there were several good reasons for tackling DIY jobs and projects, one, I get to take credit or blame for how it turned out. I knew the problem that needed fixing got fixed and nothing else would pop up as told to me by the repairman asking for more money. While we are on money, it often was cheaper. The DIY jobs or projects I have braved in the past have been:

• Disc brakes.
• Drum brakes once.
• New faucet in kitchen.
• Additional shelves in the kitchen.
• Replaced tiles in the floor.
• Replaced blown fuse in dryer.
• Numerous computer repair and upgrades, hard drives, optical drives, whole PCs, etc.
• Vehicle tune ups.
• Head job on engine.
• Rebuilt carburetor.
• Replace slave master cylinder
• Replaced power steering pump.
• Replaced half shaft.
• Replaced water pumps, radiators, thermostats, alternators, and starters.
• Replaced ignition switch.
• Hung blinds
• Replaced filter in tranny.

There are maybe some other things, but I can’t recall at the moment. What have you dared to DIY with, what prompted you to DIY, and how did that work for you?

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If I have the time and the tools I will always attempt it myself. Most car repair things I’ve been able to do myself without any problems, the only issues I ever run into is not having the proper tools for the job.

I also often find myself making things from random stuff that most people would buy in a store. I find its more fulfilling to be able to say I made it myself rather than purchased it and I get to be cheap at the same time :P

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DIY stuff that I do at home usually involves sanding and staining or painting. I have done furniture, mirrors, frames, shelves, and similar projects. I also sew and have a machine, and have made things like curtains in the past (no projects recently). I don’t do car repairs or plumbing or things like that.

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I wouldn’t touch a car, I know absolutely nothing about them (I don’t drive and have never owned one). I wouldn’t dare tackle computer repairs either. I have a live-in IT expert for that. I’ve fixed a dripping tap (faucet) and that was easy enough but for more serious plumbing I’d get a plumber in. I’ve done painting, sanding, repairing furniture, electrical fuses, putting up shelves. I wouldn’t attempt wallpapering but I’ve done borders and stencilling. I can also sew by hand, though my only experience with a sewing machine was to break it.

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Rescuing old cars from the crusher is kind of a hobby of mine. Currently tackling an old Mercedes diesel

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My first car got a new head gasket, and my second had it’s shocks replaced. I’m going to patch my current car’s radiator (last weekend was the brakes). I build my own computers, and think little of rewiring after spending most of my navy years as an electrician. Unfortunately, my new job doesn’t allow me after-hours access to a milling machine and lathe, so I do a little less DIY than I used to. (No more making jewelry from scrap titanium, or making brass dice.)

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I will not do anything that could become a safety hazard if botched. So, anything involving motor vehicles is out of the question.

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I’ll do basic things on my car like replace batteries, lights, oil, and air filters. I have replaced parts on my motorcycle as well.

In the house I’ll give it a shot as long as electric wiring isn’t involved.

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I have been tinkering with motorcycles for years so anything goes there. At one point I would find a crusty old set of carbs and rebuild then resell them. I can put a set of mukuni carbs together from memory. I have yet to split the engine case on one though. I need more garage space for that but can’t wait to do it. I can work on cars but I’m not a contortionist so if it is above basic things like breaks, belts or fluids I usually just take it in out of lazyness/time. I have done most of the work on my house: flooring, drywall, plumbing, electrical, some minor roof repairs. I have designed and built some electrical gizmos around my house and garage. I also build guitars (mostly) and on occasion wood furniture but I consider myself to be sort of a hack when it comes to carpentry.

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I rebuilt two volkswagen bug engines, the old air-cooled kind.
I did most of a rebuild of a BMW 1600 engine.
Now I live in NYC and don’t have anywhere to work on a car.

I’ve sewn curtains and painted faux finishes.

I put all the telecom wiring to seven drops in this apartment, phone, cat5e, cable coax.
I built my desk out of heavily modified Ikea parts.

Last month I built two computers, to replace a seven year old utility linux box, and to replace nine year old desktop used for digital photography.

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My hubs has done everything you listed in your details @Hypocrisy_Central.
Me personally:
Laid linoleum on three different occasions (had to pull a toilet on one of them, which I did, by myself.)
Replaced the heating element in the dryer.
Changed my own oil.
Dry wall / mudding and taping
Rewired lighting
Busted up a concrete patio
Pulled out fence posts, concrete base and all, and busted the concrete off of them with a sledge hammer.

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I used to make my own jewelry in high school – we had an excellent art teacher who let people use the torches and polisher and such whenever. I turned a garbage heap in NJ into a vegetable and flower garden. I handspin yarn, and I’m currently in the process of restoring a LeClerc castle loom. We have chickens, so I suppose our eggs are sort of DIY.

Plans for the future: a house. We haven’t decided yet whether we want to do straw-bale construction or build a yurt. I also want to buy and put together this wooden kayak kit at some point.

I’d love to know how to work on cars. It’s so lame most high schools have nixed machine shop.

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I nailed a new hanging over my bed yesterday, a collage of wire cats. That’s just about the extent of my DIY energy these days.

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Planting phlox and tomatoes. Tired now!

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Hooking up a toyo stove
Changing oil
Helped someone set up a leech field
Replacing my car battery
Small attempts at gardening
Tye dyeing
Minor clothes repairs and i made curtains
Painted interior of house including ceiling
Repaired my bike
Refinished furniture
Made a decorative wedding broom
Made one crazy quilt
Embroidered pillowcases

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^ I guess @Dutchess_III will have to keep an eye out for you! hee hee hee

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