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How do I move photos that are stored in the cell phone (stored on "device") onto a new memory card?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 3rd, 2014

I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 and I recently exceeded the storage space on the old memory card. The phone was storing photos onto the device for a short time. I didn’t realize that until I took the card out in order to get the photos printed and saw that the storage of the old card was exceeded and phone was automatically storing them onto device.

I recently got a new memory card and would like to move those photos, if possible, onto the card.

Is that possible and if so, how?

If not, what I really want to do is upload those photos to social network or at the very least, be able to just print them and/or save them onto a disc.

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Why not sync it to some cloud service like dropbox ? Thats what I do and I got access to my photos everywhere

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I would move them onto my PC first then transfer them onto the new memory card.

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With mine I do what @Staalesen does; synch them to the cloud. You have an Android so you automatically have a Google Drive account with your Google account that you use to access Android. The app may already be pre-installed on your phone. Once they’re on Drive, you can download them to your PC and transfer them to any other device.

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I am sure many phones are different but I have done that several ways.

• Used a USB data cable and connected the phone to the laptop/computer, opened up an explorer window so tyou can see all the files and folders. Locate which letter drive the computer sees the phone at. Find the folder on the phone that has the images you want, I don’t know what it would be called, on the phone I had it was under the folder my media. Once you find that folder you can highlight them, click copy or cut, if there is not a ”move to” option, then go to the folder on the laptop you want to place them and click ”paste”.
• There was a setting in the phone itself that gave me the option to move images stored in the phone to the card. Then you can take the card, put it in the card reader of the computer, and copy/paste, or move them over if you have that ability.
• If you have Internet on your phone, which I think you do, you might be able to email them to yourself, then you can download them from your email.

Those are some of the ways I have learned, but not all phones are the same, so you would have to see what bells and whistles yours have that you can use.

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Actually, what I really want is to print one of the photos. If I could just print a few for Mother’s Day, that would be the goal.

@Hypocrisy_Central: Thank you. I see the phone has an option to download pix to the card, so I will try that. Then I can take the card to the printer (like Costco) and get it printed.

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