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Replacement for a Radeon HD2600 pro graphics card?

Asked by rojo (24179points) June 23rd, 2014

I need to replace my graphics card. It is a Radeon HD2600 Pro, 512mb DDR2, part number LF r63b-pe3.
It is from an older Dell Optiplex 330. What would be a good replacement card that will fit the existing slot and work with Windows 7? Is it a standardized thing or do individual mfgs require specific slots?
A lot of what I am finding in the stores are 1gb DDR3’s. Will these work?

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My little research shows that this dell thing has a pcie slot, so any PCIe card should do.
Many newer cards, expecially high end ones, require additional power that the PCIe slot alone can not provide, they will have 1 or more sockets for 6 or 8 pin power cables. If you get one of these cards, you likely will have to replace your PSU as well, with one that has these additional power cables intended specifically for these cards.

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Ragi is correct. Make sure you can power it properly. If the card worked for you and just died then you can get one of the newer hd2600 variants. If you need more gaming power you’ll probably need more than a new card.

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If I read the specs on that card right, damn near anything would be an upgrade. It’s a standardized slot, so all you really need to watch it power requirements. Most cards out there would work, though (as already mentioned) some may draw more power than your Optiplex can supply. You’re looking at the lower end then, as once you get into the cards I would run, you’d get into where a power supply upgrade would be needed.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Based on what you guys mentioned I have been able to determine I need something old school, something basic. Now I just have to find it. The most basic I have found so far in the local stores is a 1gig, DDR3. Will that work if it is a PCIe card and has no additional power requirements? (Actually what it says it is it has a PCI express x16 interface) Or should I get online where I have located some 512mb cards and just wait for shipping?
This is not a gaming computer, just one I use at work with mostly Windows Office Pro. Very few videos, Some photos, some online time.

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1gb DDR3? That covers a lot of ground, and could describe my old GT240 or my current GTX465. The former was fanless and required no additional power while the latter is 5 times faster but takes one Molex. Or my buddy’s obsolete 9800 GTX, which was only barely faster than my old GT240, took two Molex connectors because of the ungawdly power requirements, and produced enough heat to actually warm the entire room noticeably.

The GPU is what matters more. If you’re going to shop just off of memory specs, it might be best to just let Geek Squad handle it.

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