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What could soothe this pain?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) May 3rd, 2014

I just moved and either pulled a lateral muscle or my autoimmune disease flared up or both. I have pain on my right side just under or on my liver gallbladder.

Any time I twist stretch or exert myself, inhale deeply etc I have a sharp stabbing pain in that side. I have tried salonpas, castor oil massage, stretching, detoxing my system I had a fever and so forth for the first two days heatpads gentle stretching, guided meditation, pillow props etc. I haven’t slept for over an hour since then. I get past the hour and wake up stabbing pains.

In fact just lying down is quite an ordeal I tried to sleep reclining but same result though slightly smaller. I sun bathed hoping fresh air and sun would aid and abet, Epsom salts soaking. I have exhausted all the remedies I am familiar with and have used.

I don’t want to go to the doctor but I should finish getting organized tomorrow and get things lined up for a busy Monday. I’ve schlepped around longer then I should and I would dearly love a good nights sleep. Any ideas?

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Rest and an elastic support or belt around the area, if you are talking about the muscles around the rib cage. Online medical advices says that if it doesn’t calm down in a day or two, you should see the doctor. I have no way of knowing what autoimmune disease could cause these symptoms.

“When it comes to a muscle strain over the ribs, the first best action is to rest the muscle to give it time to repair itself. While there is no uniform time frame for recovery, generally when the muscle pain subsides, the injury has healed. To prevent pain and and torn muscles, wear a rib belt, an elastic belt that limits chest expansions and therefore helps prevent pain and breathing difficulties. Icing the affected area may also help reduce swelling. If you try these methods, yet no relief is experienced within 24 hours, see a doctor to determine if your injury is more serious and you need treatment for lower back pain.”

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Thanks. I am sure they have a back or rib supporter in the first aid at the grocers. At this point I am even willing to try ice, lol.

I just mentioned autoimmune because it affects my liver and digestion.

They say organs don’t hurt and that makes sense because they have no nerve endings. However I am not entirely certain I agree.

Since I had a fever over a hundred and stress causes flare ups that seems to agree with my organ theory. I suppose it is possible but unlikely that both should occur simultaneously.

It does make sense that the ongoing pain at least is muscle or tendon related.

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Are you sure you don’t have gallstones? Is it worse after eating more fat than usual?

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I guess I don’t know much about gallstones. But my diet has been game meat, chicken, veggies and fruit. Pea protein smoothies.

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They can be very painful. I would bet that your pain has something to go with your gallbladder.
Is this a new diet?

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Hmm no not really i always try to keep my food varied but the food groups are the same. Half veggies, small portions of protein, fruits and teas are usually my desserts i do complex carbs but i guess i did have a baked potato right after easter which i had a special pound cake and sweet potatoes.

So if it is that what do i do?

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Nevermind I’m an idiot today.. that is what google is for. My battery will be dead soon so thank you and have a good night.

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Sounds like a pulled muscle or collapsed lung. It is the location of gallstones also as @Judi mentioned, but I think if it were gallstones the pain would be constant and not affected by breathing and moving. Gallstones are usually relentless, constant horrible pain no matter what position and a 10 on the pain scale. Gallstone pain can come and go, but it usually is a bad episode, and then it goes away, and then another bad flare up.

Ok, so collapsed lung is diagnosed with a chest X-ray. Muscle strain should clear on its own with rest. Take some Ibuprofen for the muscle strain, 600mg with water and a little food. If it does nothing to help go to the doctor. Ibuprofen takes 50 minutes to start working, so don’t be impatient. Ibuprofen is not only a pain reliever, it is a muscle relaxer and antiinflammatory; it actually helps to cure the problem unlike Tylenol that is interrupts the pain message in the nervous system.

I’m not a doctor, I am just telling you what I would do.

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I slept pretty well last night thanks to @gailcalled. I did a little bit of ice and a band and ibuprofin i was able to sleep most of the night only waking to readjust every couple of hours. So a muscle strain it must be, i have taken deep breaths today that didnt have me spasming. Yay but things did pop snap and such i am going to assume that is a good thing. Thank you

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