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Can a man's penis size be compared the same way as a woman's breast size?

Asked by MarvinPowell (627points) May 3rd, 2014

Meaning, is there any way to develop a chart to compare what one would be if the sex was swapped? For example, the average penis is 16cm long and 11cm around, so would that equal a woman’s average bust size of 34DD? Is there any way to compare the two?

In case one wanted to know, I ask this question because I am comparing male and female fictional characters and trying to figure out the relative anatomy between sexes. I already know women are 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than men of equal size, but other parts, like bust-waist-hip measurements are harder to translate into male numbers.

Hopefully, Fluther can provide me with some decent answers. Hopefully…

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I think I know what you’re asking. But you might have over thought it and tried to use numbers and science haha. In the same way some men go, “Oh my goodness look at those tits.” You’re asking if women get turned on with a bigger cock? I’d have to say it’s the same as with dudes. I’m an attractive guy, but I don’t look for the biggest and fattest tits out there. I

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@MarvinPowell ” I already know women are 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than men of equal size”

Then that would not be equal size now would it.

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“Then that would not be equal size now would it.”

Yes, it is. It is the male-to-female equivalent. A 5’6”, 160 pound woman would be a 5’11”, 210 pound man if she was born male. Or if it was a set of brother-sister twins. That’s what I meant. I was trying to find a similar equivalent for things like penis and bust sizes. Or even female measurements or dress sizes in male meaurements.

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Well the penis and the clitoris are what would physiologically correspond.

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I see penises is a subject people like to talk about.

I guess the only equivalence would be condom size. I am not sure how they denote size in condoms, but if 3.5” to 5” was small it might equal a woman with 34A cups, and if 6” to 6.75” was average, I guess that would be like a woman 36C, leaving a guy with a 7” to 8” dumbstick like a woman 38D, etc.

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I think I’ve figured it out. The average bust size is 34DD. So, assuming the woman is of decent body size (like 140–150 pounds) and all-natural, it should look like this…

Chest Width to Phallic Length
28 = 4.0” (tiny)
30 = 4.5”
32 = 5.0”
34 = 5.5” (average)
36 = 6.0”
38 = 6.5” (adequate)
40 = 7.0”
42 = 7.5” (big)
44 = 8.0”
46 = 8.5”
48 = 9.0”
50 = 9.5”

Cup to Phallic Girth
A = 3.75” (tiny g)
B = 4.0”
C = 4.25”
D = 4.5”
DD = 4.75” (average g)
DDD/E = 5.0”
F = 5.25” (adequate g)
G = 5.5” (big g)

36C is considered the perfect breast size, by the way. Now that it’s finally complete, you can now see how you’d measure up as the opposite sex! Here are what some famous women are, for comparison.

Jennifer Aniston = 32B
Megan Fox = 34B
Jennifer Lawrence = 32C
Scarlett Johansson (present) = 34C
Paula Patton = 34C
Angelina Jolie = 36C
Halle Berry = 36C
Jennifer Love Hewitt = 36C
Salma Hayek = 36C
Katy Perry = 32D
Kate Upton = 34D
Kim Kardashian = 32DD
Scarlett Johansson (before) = 34DD
Kat Dennings = 36DD
Dolly Parton = 36DDD (36E)
Christina Hendricks = 38DDD (38E)
Sofia Vergara = 32F

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There is a major flaw in your theory. You are assuming breasts on all women would grow the same and that breast size is related to overall size. Breast size is not related to overall size. There are plenty if women that are tall and heavy that are flat chested, just as there are short skinny women with huge breast. I also think your average bust size is incorrect, but I cannot look up the information right now.

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“Breast size is not related to overall size.”

The same exact thing is true for penises, so I’m assuming you must be a woman. This is the closest I’ve gotten so far, unless someone else who’s better at math and/or anatomy can help me.

And a three second Google search will confirm that is the average bust size, at least in the US.

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I’m good with anatomy and I’m telling you there is no such relationship or correlation. Making one up on your own does not make it true. Yes, I am a women, but I’m also a nurse. I’ve seen more penises and breasts than I can count over the years. Enough to tell you for certain there is no correlation of overall body size and breast or penis size. There is a lot more involved with the growth of those organs, such as genetics and hormone production.

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I am not saying there is a real correlation between these two body parts. I wanted a possible way to compare them on a hypothetical level. The closest equivalent of one body part to another.

I never assumed that breast size is related to overall body size, so I don’t know where you got that from. Both part parts don’t grow the same way, I know that.

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Since you know there is no real comparison, you can make up whatever fictional comparison you want.

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Where in the heck did you get the average breast size of 34DD? I don’t believe that to be accurate.

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We usually have the facts linked for us. We’re generally lazy. My google results were that American average is 36C. That seems more realistic. I did see the google result you are going by, and there are several issues with that article. They mention implants being a factor for the increase in average, and they mention more sizes are available than 20 years ago when the survey was first done. They used specialty boutique online retailers in the survey. Women with larger breasts have to order bras online because they are in short supply in chain stores like Walmart or Target in pretty styles. So I disagree with your assessment of average. I do agree with 36C being average in the US.

My personal opinion, regardless of all if that, is that 34DD is a huge breast. A 6.25” penis is definitely not huge, and not a good comparison.

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No comparison. Breasts need only be able to function as they were designed to function, regardless of size, to nourish an infant. The same is true of a penis. As long as it can reach it’s target, is long enough to make contact with the vagina, there is no comparison.
That said, from a purely sexualized perspective, smaller breasts are still not going to be judged in the same way an extremely teeny weenies would be. haha

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Well I disagree with that. We’ll just have to disagree on that.

Like I said, 34DD is not very impressive, to me. And I several links on a comment a moderator removed. A good five or six that all said the same thing: 34DD. In 2007,it was 36C. But as of late 2013, it was 34DD. Wikipedia may not be 100% right, but I usually trust them.

I kind of consider that small-to-medium, given my experience. As it said in an earlier post, Scarlett Johansson used to be 34DD and they didn’t look big, at all. Perky, but not big. Just like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Katy Perry.

Plus considering the obesity problem that exists in America, I would imagine factors like fatness and even implants being considered, as well. 34DD was the smallest girl I’ve been with and she looked just like Johansson’s, basically. That makes sense as the actual natural-sized average, in my opinion, and not “including breasts implants” and other circumstantials.

And when did I ever say 6.25” is “huge”? I know for sure that’s not huge. I never said anything even close to that.

One thing I didn’t mention in the details (because I didn’t expect people to think it) is that I am not trying to use scientific logic or research. I just wanted a basic scale for comparison. Some users helped me finish a basic model, and the a few of the rest – as usual with this site – are just being unhelpful trolls and commenting pointless garbage.

I can rarely not have trolls and assholes and people who love to argue on this site. Its starting to make the site as a whole look bad. There seems like there’s less helpful people than trolls.

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You didn’t say 6.25” was huge. I said 34DD is huge, and because your question is to find a comparative size, I didn’t agree that 6.25” would be a good one.
If you had breasts to lug around you may think differently. To have a ribcage 34” in diameter and DD cup size is a lot of weight. Trust me, regardless I what you believe, most women would say DD is quite large.

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[Mod says] This post is in the General Section. Answers should relate to the OP about how variations in breast size might correlate with variations in penis size. The discussion of average breast sizes and whether or not they should include artificially enhanced breasts (34DD) or only natural breasts (36C), is relevant to the topic.

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Confusing, since the 36 part is the width of her back. So, if she is bigger or fatter it would be 36–40 for example. That has nothing to do with her cup size.

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34DD is what most of the internet says is the average and I also think it’s hardly very large. So that’s what I went by. If 34DD was equal to a man’s penis being 5 and a half inches long and 4 and three-quarters around, it’s not very large. Even if we went by 36C being the “standard,” it would still be a small penis, just like 34DD on the scale from earlier.

This is why it’s hard to think about by myself. Let’s just say 36DD is where the start of “large” begins for breasts. So what would that be for a penis, 7 inches? 7.5? Anything less than seven for a penis is pretty much small. (I wish I was at that or above.) Most women and men have said this, in my experience. Only thing is, some women don’t mind really small penises like > 7”, or they’re worse at figuring out the size, so you’ll hear it more often from men.

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