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Would you find an adult who plays these games childish?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) May 3rd, 2014

I would like to preface this question by saying that I understand that one should follow one’s passions and should do things that one likes instead of doing things solely to please people.

That said, it appears that some games are primarily marketed to children or teenagers. Yet, sometimes I still see adults play those games. So, I have two questions:

1. Would you or people you know find an adult who plays each of these games childish or somewhat weird?

* Trading card games based on animated shows, such as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?
* Trading card games not based on animated shows, such as Magic the Gathering or Star Wars TCG
* Prepainted miniatures games such as Star Wars Miniatures, Axis and Allies Miniatures, or Heroclix? (See:
* Classic Board Games, such as Operation, Battleship, or Monopoly?
* Chess

2. Suppose you have a choice between two lawyers or doctors, say Andy and Bob. The two appears to be identical in terms of skill, education, experience, and in other areas. Both Andy and Bob are new to you, and you do not know them from before. However, you do know that Andy plays a game and Bob does not. Would knowing that Andy plays a game while Bob does not make you more likely to choose one over the other, if that game is:
* A trading card game based on an animated show, such as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?
* A trading card game not based on an animated show, such as Magic the Gathering or Star Wars TCG?
* A prepainted miniatures games such as Star Wars Miniatures, Axis and Allies Miniatures, or Heroclix?
* A classic board games, such as Operation, Battleship, or Monopoly?
* Chess?

(To clarify, what I mean by this second question is whether, e.g. you would be more likely to choose Andy because he plays Pokemon or less likely to choose Andy because he plays Pokemon or whether the fact he plays Pokemon makes no difference to you in terms of choosing between Andy and Bob).

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Lets put it this way. You stated, “it appears that some games are primarily marketed to children or teenagers.”

I could name 4 multi billion dollar entities that also market toward children and teenagers and they are called, the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA… Would you like more examples?

(and if my answer wasn’t clear enough, to answer the OP, no)

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Wait, are you saying chess is primarily marketed towards children and/or teenagers?

And no, I would not base my opinion on whether or not someone is childish just off an interest in those games.

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Are you implying I’m childish? ~

Just kidding. I think it’s pretty normal for adults to plat thoses games. As long as they’re having fun, that’s fine. It’s just our social bias that make people feel bad to play.

I enjoy many “childish” activities like watching cartoons. And many tell my to “grow out of them”, but hell, I’m having fun, and beside I don’t do harm to anyone because of these activites, so, “why are you so nosy people?”

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Two words-Comic con. Being a bit nerdy myself, I would have more in common with the game player. Tabletop games are awesome.

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As a gamer, you know I’m chiming in here.

My opinion varies with the complexity of the game, and whether it’s competitive or “beer and pretzels“gaming. I consider most anime-based games suitable only for children, TCG newbies, and hardcore otaku ad they tend to be simplistic and not really engaging unless you love the background. I tolerate that simplicity in Munchkin though, simply because that game wasn’t meant to be played remotely seriously or sober.

Map-based strategy games like BattleTech, Car Wars, and—to a lesser degree Chess are intellectually stimulating (and demanding) games that are as viable an interest as any other hobby.

Collectible games like many TCGs and Heroclix depend on whether you play or just collect. Nobody likes “wallet warriors” or “Mr. Suitcase” though, but that’s as childish as bragging about how rich you are. Then again, it’s really just another form of bragging about wealth; look at the price on a Black Lotus. Collectible games are context-sensitive in that regard.

Tabletop RPGs can also be demanding. Everyone must keep mechanics in mind, while the GM must also be a great storyteller with quick wits to adapt to unpredictable players in order to maintain game flow. Business managers and authors are not automatically childish, so neither are roleplayers. Some are, but it’s not because of the game; the game merely allows them to demonstrate how childish a person they are.

So, in short, it depends, but generally no.

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Most of the anime-themed games that I have played defintely were not for children.

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@ragingloli Hentai CCGs would also fall under the category of “buying it for the underlying source material rather than for the game itself”.

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No, I wouldn’t find it weird. I’m in the resale business and In know how diverse people’s interests and ideas are. We just sold off a 70+ yo former basketball umpire’s collection of vaseline glass. There’s still a good market in action figures and I know a number of older women that collect dolls and Barbies.

I’d go with Andy. He’s more creative and ‘out of the box’. People that don’t have a bit of childishness in them often miss the forest for the trees.

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@jerv Thanks for your detailed reply.

I am not implying that I personally find adults who play these games weird or childish. I am asking whether you or someone you know finds people who play these games weird or childish.

I notice that many of you are gamers. And, I assume that most of you are adults. So, how often do people, especially those who are not gamers and who are not into comics, tell you that what you are playing is childish or treat you differently (in a good or bad way) because you play a particular game? Have you had any particularly positive or negative encounters that arose from the fact that you are an adult gamer?

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@weeveeship Gaming has become mainstream enough that just being an adult gamer in and of itself isn’t really much of abig deal ; it’s just another hobby that some people have. Smartphones and Facebook help a bit there too, since just about everyone plays something, so it’s less whether you play, but _what_you play.

Playing online slots marks you as almost too casual to be called a gamer. Farmville isn’t much better. Spending thousands marks you as a bit obsessive, whether it’s on a powerful PC, suitcases full of cards, or shelves full of sourcebooks. And how diverse your interests are also affects how you’re seen. Most of the gamers I know are fairly casual; they mostly do console shooters. Myself, I’m a little more hardcore as I’m part of the PC Master Race, as well as having a couple shelves of GURPS, Shadowrun, and Car Wars sourcebooks as well as a few different card games (including Pimp:The Backhanding), but I don’t spend my rent money fuelling my hobby, and have enough non-gaming hobbies to pass as a normal person.

My mother has occasionally bought me weird dice and sourcebooks for birthday/Christmas gifts, and half my coworkers (all adults from 21–43) sometimes spend break talking about what they did on CoD or Skyrim, so I think it’s been a largely neutral thing aside from having common interests with strangers. I don’t think I’ve had any issues since the witch hunts of the ‘80s when anyone with a D&D Player’s Handbook was seen as a Satanic pedophile terrorist.

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CoD and Skyrim… casual peasants.

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@ragingloli Not nearly as bad as one lowbie in my guild who offered me his password to grind him up to level 50 in a couple of skills. I did my own grinding to 250 ele, 160–190 in a few other skills, and otherwise played my own game instead of having it played for me. If you can’t grind your own levels, you’re too casual. Nice thing about being an officer is that I had the power to kick him myself.

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Any peaceable and non-destructive way of occupying one’s time is fine by me.

The second question opens up an interesting area. Are there any non-skill related characteristics of a lawyer, doctor or any other contractor that might influence your decision to work with them. Suppose you had knowledge of any of the following.

1. tax cheating
2. spouse cheating
3. diametrically opposite political views

Would any of these influence your decision?

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Comic stand guy from the Simpsons?

Well it’s not harming anyone but would you want to hang around with a man child?

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@Rollercoaster Vin Diesel plays D&D. Wil Wheaton isn’t exactly a man-child either; he’s grown well past the Wesley Crusher years.

But you’re free to base your perceptions on a fictional character in a cartoon that satirizes reality and turns stereotypes into parody if you want; I’ll still base my opinions on reality.

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Better him than a gun toting, bible bashing redneck.

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I’d take a gamer over a guy who is into football or soccer. Sports are more childish in my opinion.

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