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Do you believe that, as time goes on, there are less business/entrepreneurial opportunities out there? In other words, does this generation have less biz ideas available than the last generation and the generation before that? Do ideas as grand as Starbucks still exist?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) July 3rd, 2008
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I think there are still limitless opportunities and new ideas. Many of them will focus on new technology, for example, the two guys who started Google or the YouTube or our own Fluther. When Starbucks started, who knew there would be a whole varietel coffee revolution?

All you need is imagination and drive. Not giving up is the key to entrepreneurial success.

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I agree, the opportunities are endless. As always, the way we live our lives changes and evolves with time and constantly creates new business opportunities and markets which previously weren’t available.

If anything, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are ever growing because the world’s becoming a smaller and more accessible place (cheaper travel, internet, etc, etc).

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I agree there will always be opportunities.

I have thought this same thing about music, literature, movies, et’al. At some point will we run out of good ideas for entertainment?

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@tekn0lust Naw, we find ourselves endlessly amusing.

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Yes we do.

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How can there be a finite number of ideas?

No one in a previous generation could have ever conceived of Google (or Fluther, for that matter) because the platform from which it sprung wasn’t even invented yet. And Google is huge now. In fact, the internet gave birth to an entirely new industry and changed most existing industries.

There is no shortage of business/entrepreneurial ideas and there never will be.

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As culture, society, and problems evolve, it creates new opportunities. Thus, ideas are infinite.

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The fractal nature of evolution (see Mandelbrot Set) insures that the future will always hold more opportunities than the past.

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