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Is there any way to estimate payroll taxes for a business?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) April 7th, 2009

does it vary by state? what exactly are you paying taxes on? the salary of an employee? so its an additional fee?

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Of course it can be calculated. It is the employees withholding + employer contribution + FICA + SS + unemployment.

Knowing your rates, it can be calculated to the penny. It will usually be between 0% and 30% of total wages, depending on where the business is located & W-4 statements.

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Social Security Taxes are 6.2% of the employee’s gross wages (with certain exceptions) on the first $102,000 in income. It may change in 2009.
Medicare tax is 1.45% of all earnings without any limit.
You will pay $56 in FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax on every employee for practical purposes, i don’t have the figures handy.

Depending on what state your employees work, not reside but work, you will pay payroll tax called SUI State Unemployment TAx. The rates vary by State and by the employer’s history. Fire a lot of employees who apply to collect your rate goes up, keep everyone for life, it will hit the minimum. In your first or even second year of operation you might get charged a
standard opening” rate that is not based on your history.

I can give you a little more info, send me the state you are operating in

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I should add that in certain states the employer will also contribute to disability or retraining funds maintained by the states. This is mandatory not voluntary


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Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. From gross pay (the salary paid to the employee) one or more deductions are subtracted, to arrive at Net Pay. Thus the employee’s gross pay minus payroll tax deductions, minus voluntary payroll deductions, is equal to Net Pay.

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Payroll taxes for business are one of the necessary parts of running a business. By using the below information one can calculate payroll taxes

1. Estimate employee’s gross pay through employment agreement.
2. Federal Income Tax- Determine withholding amount.
3. Estimate employee contributions on Medicare tax
4. Also estimate the employer contributions for Social Security
5. Calculate state and local tax percentages based of tax on your local and state Department of Revenue laws.


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