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What should I get my daughter for her 1st birthday?

Asked by mandyhammon (25points) July 3rd, 2008
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Haha. noob.
First birthdays are for the parents. Second birthday and on are for the child. :)

We got our kids little toys and such, but the best gift was a little photo album with pictures from their first year and family. It’s nothing fancy in fact it’s quite rugged for them to carry around. They are put up now to survive adolescence, but will come back out for them someday.

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I think an awesome album or photobook for her to commemorate her first year would be great.

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I agree totally with tekn0lust. You will treasure this experience far more than she. If it is important for you to create something for her to commemorate this event later when she can appreciate it, how about a letter you write to her on the occasion of her first birthday that talks about the high points of her first year, how much she has meant to you, all the things you will always treasure, your hopes for her, etc. now while they are fresh in your mind? Put it away in that album or tuck it in a beautiful box and give it to her later.

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If you have a yard, plant a tree sapling for your daughter. I always thought that was a cool idea.

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A college fund. Might not be as exciting as a photo album or a big party but in the long run, it would be incredibly useful to your daughter

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First birthday is late for a college fund! These days people get started with that as soon as the test comes back positive!

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Playstation 3?

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Buy her a star.

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1. Buy her something really cool (doesn’t matter what).
2. Give it to her in the original box
3. Allow/Help her to open the box and get to the cool thing
4. Sit back and watch as she plays with the box and ignores the cool thing.

Better yet, a 50” flat screen might just be the way to go.

Then you keep the cool thing. And she still gets a box!

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Get her a babysitter, pump two or three days worth of milk, and get yourself a couple of nice bottles of red wine.

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Ya I think photo album or video is quite good. It will stay for long time.

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Are you talking toy, party or something for her to remember the day, down the road? I have answers for all three (it was just my daughter’s first b-day). I am on an iPod so I will answer tomorrow with some links. the computer is SO much easier!

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it has to be amazing! Buy her a pair of earrings and keep them until she turns 18, write a note with the earrings and keep them in a safe place, write what you are feeling about this beautiful moment in her life right now, after 18 years, the earrings and the note will be her most precious possesion (you can tel her that it was flameboi’s idea) lol (sorry, I love moments more than anything in the world) try that.

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This is a fantastic catalog company, The Magic Cabin.
I also got my daughter for her first birthday this incredible personalized book, My Very Own Fairy Tale. They also have one for boys.

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Some good baby books for you to read to her, for her to hold and “read” herself, and enjoy.

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Write her a letter in a journal/notebook/stationary form about what this year has meant to you and her and how much has changed. Add to that every year on her birthday, by they time she’s a grown woman she’ll have a record of each year of her life through your eyes. And for that great “Weee” moment/photo, I highly recommend wood blocks and baby sized tambourines! In, of course, a cardboard box big enough to play in!

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That’s such a scam. Don’t ever buy a star. Or real estate on the moon. Or the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Open her first bank account. Put in as much as you can afford and set up a college fund. Repeat monthly. You’ll thank me in about 17 years.

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