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Will a Seahorse make a good aquarium pet?

Asked by mandyhammon (25points) July 3rd, 2008
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Seahorses are incompatible with a lot of other types of fish.

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Only if you are an experienced salt water hobbyist with a well established tank.

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They’re quite difficult to care for – they need very, very good and stable conditions, are picky eaters and as petethepothead said, are incompatible with a lot of other fish. I wouldn’t recommend them unless it’s a species tank and you’re experienced.

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If you are going to do it, please spend the time to research it carefully. Here is a good site designed to minimize rookie mistakes.

“As many aquarium hobbyists know, seahorses and related species have different needs than other marine fish. This fact sheet was created to assist anyone that is interested in keeping these fascinating fish. The content herein is meant to be a guideline for new seahorse keepers based upon the experience of several hundred seahorse hobbyists, Syngnathidae researchers, and commercial breeders. WE RECOMMEND THAT ALL BEGINNING KEEPERS PURCHASE ONLY CAPTIVE BRED SEAHORSES.”

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We have a 50 gallon saltwater tank now and its just rock and plants. My husband had mentioned add a seahorse or two but was unshure of there ability to thrive in certin situations thanks for the imput guys!

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Are you using live rock?

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they surewould be cool but are extremly difficult to take care of. They dont get along well with many other fish.

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i’ve heard from various places that there are very few other creatures you can put a seahorse in a tank with. if you do get one, do research on them. i was considering getting one too – i love seahorses – but i think you have to be incredibly dedicated and responsible if you do so.

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