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Do you like the new look Firefox has thrown at us?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) May 10th, 2014

Is it just change for change’s sake?

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Haven’t updated yet. Does it have new features?

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Yes. New tab look. They hid the button where you find the clear history doodad. They’ve added features to that area too. You can increase / decrease the page size from in there and there’s paste button which seems to paste the last thing you wrote. When i click it this sentence appears,

” Is your liquor store in the ghetto?” This is a response I just gave in another fluther thread. And there’s more

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If you right click the three lines in the top right corner of the browser it gives you the option to have the menu bar back.

My one small grievance is that I can’t move the refresh button. I don’t like it in the address bar.

The new sync is much better than the previous incarnation. Works more like Chrome now.

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Actually, I found it kind of retro-looking.

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It’s okay. I really don’t mind the changes ‘cause I don’t do that much customizing anymore.

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So? Should I click the update or not?
I must be getting old. I’m starting to dislike change.

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@LuckyGuy Go for it. I am old and set in my ways too, but I am beginning to like this change.

I get these changes automatically, so when I logged on I had to wait while Firefox was upgrading. it is kinda fun.

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Yes, I like it. Makes it look more like Chrome :-)

If only Firefox had the equivalent of Chrome’s ability to search from the URL bar…

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I agree with @marinelife that it looks like an older design. I also went back to the old look, since I feel that the new one caught my eye too much. Rather focus on the page I’m looking at than the frame it’s in.

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Yea, as @elbanditoroso said, it looks pretty much exactly like chrome now.

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I don’t allow anything to do anything with my pc unless it asks first. And I make it ask twice. I also tend to wait a week or so in case it is a scam or there is a bug.

I’m not a Luddite, but I do value robustness. I guess that’s why I am still carrying a Casio GzOne Ravine 2 next to the boys.

I’ll wait another week or so and then do the update.
I will keep my eye on this thread, too.

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@LuckyGuy HA! I have the same phone, I fucking love it. People always make fun of me for not having a smart phone or for having an old flip phone. This is however the most reliable phone I’ve ever owned, I can’t begin to imagine how many times it’s been dropped (or thrown for that matter) over the years and it still works great.

I’m also a big fan of the pedometer feature on the phone. I’ve walked 2,593.79 miles with this phone in my pocket :P

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Oh, there now it’s here. Well I’ve been on it for about a minute, so I can’t say much. The tabs actually look like…tabs! Zomg!

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Mine just shifted all by itself, nothing to brag about, actually, it threw me for the first few days, I kinda don’t like the tabs, but I am too lazy to change back. haha

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I hate it. I had to roll back to 28. I can’t stand having the tabs on the top and it broke the theme I have been using for a decade (grapple). Until I can put the tabs back below the address bar I am sticking with 28. And in about a month if I still can’t do that I will switch to Safari.

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I switched and do not like it – yet. I’m with @johnpowell and do not like the tabs at the top. Also the tab color make the unselected tabs blend into the background. (Surely there is some way to fix this but why make the default this way?)

Is this Firefox supposed to be more secure?

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^^^ Yes, I believe most of the upgrades are also security fixes or patches.

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@LuckyGuy Yes, I hate the blending into the background!

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