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For those of you who were not born and raised in the U.S., what foods are considered common dishes, or comfort foods in your respective countries?

Asked by Kardamom (28105points) May 12th, 2014

Can you tell us about the foods that most people in your country like to eat on a regular basis? If so, try to include (or link to) a recipe, or at least try to include a picture of the dish.

Do you think that the typical common dishes, or comfort foods that are enjoyed in your country would appeal to your average American (knowing what you know about American tastes in food) or do you think that most Americans would be freaked out or disgusted by your country’s most favorite, common every day dishes?

I’m just curious to know what everybody else around the globe is eating and enjoying.

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Bangers & Mash
Fish & Chips
Bubble & Squeak
Toad in the Hole
Spotted Dick
Bread & Butter Pudding
Jam Roly Poly

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Bratwurst with mustard and breadroll.
Schnitzel with potato salad, or noodle salad.
Döner Kebap.
Dead Grandma.

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^^ You two, what about the rest of the question? Where are the recipes and photos? Do you think us Yanks would like these dishes or be grossed out by them (in your opinions of what you think Americans like to eat)?

Also, for the Jellys who don’t know where you are from, can you please tell us your country of origin?

I know @UCME is from England and I think @ragingloli is either from Germany or Austria.

Thanks : )

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Sausages & potato
Fish & potato
Cabbage & err…potato
Sausages & yorkshire pudding
Err…bread & butter?
Jam & stuff

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OK, this is the second Q in the last 2 days where the answers only partially fit the entire question. Is it just me? There are multiple parts to this Q.

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I’ll play.

As @ragingloli seems to be a German extraterrestrial, my answers would be similar to his/hers. So, I added pictures instead.

Bratwurst with mustard and breadroll
Schnitzel with potato salad, or noodle salad.
Döner Kebap

I’m also adding potatoes – boiled, baked, or raw – and often fried.

Knowing what I know about you guys, I say you’d probably like all of the above:

I know Americans as a species have the potential to enjoy Döner Kebap, as I’ve seen a girl from Vermont eating one in amazement. Bratwurst is a crunchy hot dog. Currywurst is meat in spicy sauce, and Bockwurst simply is a hot dog – what’s not to like?

I’m not sure about the Schnitzel, because I’ve never had one. I was five when I decided not to eat meat any longer. I imagine Schnitzel tastes similar to Chicken McNuggets which I remember eating, though I’m sure the German Kleingartenverein would be appalled at that statement.

For fun, I did a Google picture search on “Dead Grandma”, too. Wasn’t fun.

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^ Huh. Looks great.

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Thanks @longgone for reading and responding to all of the details of the question. That’s what I wanted to know. What people in other countries eat and recipes and pictures of those items, as well as what the people in other countries think us Americans will like or dislike. Part of the answer to this question is the opinions.

For instance, us Americans tend to eat a lot of cheese, but in other countries, people are completely disgusted by it. I wanted to stimulate conversations about what people like and don’t like.

@UCME, I know what a potato is, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who have never heard of Bubble and Squeak or Toad in the Hole. I guess we could just send everyone to Google and forget about asking questions on Fluther.

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What @ucme said plus gravy!! nom nom lots of gravy mmmm!!

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@KArdaMOM Your petty insistence on using my name in that way is highly amusing.
I believe GoOgle has already been mentioned as a potential source, so…

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Potato scones with your traditional Full Scottish Breakfast. Also nice in a roll with a square sausage. Then for your breakfast pudding a Tunnocks teacake

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@Stinley So a full Scottish breakfast is only a roll with sausage? I thought a full breakfast would be more like a full English Breakfast.

Those potato scones look delicious.

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Oh no @Kardamom my link was wrong. Ignore that measly roll and sausage and feast your eyes on this Full Scottish. A roll and sausage is a everyday breakfast or a mid morning snack but on a Sunday morning you would go for the full monty. I hope you noted that it is called a roll and sausage not a sausage roll. A sausage roll is an entirely different beast

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@Stinley OK, that’s what I thought.

Interesting, I see how the roll and sausage is quite different from the sausage roll. Would the second example, the SR, be eaten at breakfast too?

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You’d have a sausage roll for lunch or as a snack. Maybe with baked beans. They are good to take on a picnic. The sausage roll, that is. Not the beans…

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It is hard to get but I always loved Deep fried Mars Bars, and deep fried pastries

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