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How many times a day do you realize that you have become angry?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 13th, 2014

Disclaimer I do not have an anger management problem so the question is not of personal nature.

When you become angry is it at a person, thing, situation or a combination of all of it? Does your anger pass, or does it linger, and fester? What do you do to quell your anger once stoked?

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Too many impossible variables in your question. Each day is different. One day your house is burglarized, the next day you win the lottery. Who knows?

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I must lead a charmed life. I rarely get angry. I’m am trying to think about the last time. and all I can come up with is the thought of the dickless, slimebag, Boko Haram followers who are so repulsive they must resort to kidnapping young girls to have sex. That gets me angry.

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Plenty get me angry. I have stopped watching the news. I do deal with anger well though. To get me to blow my top would take an act of god.

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Hardly ever, not worth my time.

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Angry isn’t really the right word. Frustrated is more like it. I’d say I get frustrated a few times a day. Usually over something at work.

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Not angry but real frustrated couple of times a day, maybe 15 times or more. I can never deal with it, so the frustration levels keep rising up until I over-feed myself. Emotional over-eating can help me cool sometimes.

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