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Can you decode this mathematical joke?

Asked by linguaphile (14300points) May 14th, 2014

I saw a t shirt with this mathematical equation:

D squared times X divided by D times T squared

(Fluther won’t allow me to put in superscripted numbers, so this is my best translation.)

What’s so funny about it?

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That’s just a double derivative. I don’t find anything particularly hilarious about that.

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double D as in bewbies?

Or it could just be a math nerd.

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The real square is the doofus wearing the shirt

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I do not think that D²X/DT² is a joke at all.

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I think the joke is that the t-shirt is derivative.

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Was he accelerating?

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Maybe (s)he enjoys identifying concavity.

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The person wearing the shirt is a zero so the meaning is inconclusive.

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He was just trying to be differentiated from everyone else…........

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Thanks all for the laugh—the t shirt might not be funny, but this thread is :D :D :D

This one and this one are cute, though.

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