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Are there any teaching jobs that I can apply to in the United States?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) May 14th, 2014

I am a Trinidad and Tobago national and I want to obtain an H1-B1 visa. I have a Bachelor Degree in Education designed for elementary school and I have 2 years experience as a teacher prior to obtaining the degree. Do you know of any jobs in the United States that would hire me?

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It might be difficult for you to find a job teaching elementary school in the United States. Each state has its own individual requirements, which usually require an additional certificate beyond the BA in addition to experience shadowing an instructor for the intended year of instruction. Also, many states of required exams as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. Instructors are required to be familiar with the learning outcomes for those exams.

Not only that, but as a teacher abroad, you will be competing against ALL of the interested applicants who already reside in the United States. You will need to be able to convince them why are a better candidate than someone who already lives nearby.

It’s certainly not impossible, but there will be hurdles in your way.

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I know it would not be easy, but is there any good news?

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If you are willing to earn your credentials to teach in the individual states that you are interested in, then it is a possibility. Without the additional education, I am not sure that most states would be willing to hire you.

It’s possible that private schools would be different, but I am not familiar enough with them to provide any useful commentary. I would suggest choosing which states you are interested in teaching at, and do some research on the requirements for both the public and private institutes in those areas. In general, however, public institutions are going to have the requirements that I mentioned.

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You might try working your way in as a substitute teacher. I know people who started that way and did quite well.

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How do I do this Dan?

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I believe you simply go to the schools at which you want a position and get on their substitute teacher list. Be sure you have your teaching credentials handy.

Soon your phone will be ringing off the wall (if you have a wall phone) with calls for you to come work.

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@Dan_Lyons the first step for @Eggie is to have a H1-B1 which means he has a sponsor and a job. He is looking for a job and has no sponsor.

In my state there are currently fewer jobs than teachers and the teachers are leaving the state. Have you thought about American Virgin Islands for a start??

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Here is a list of elementary school jobs available throught The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS); the umbrella organization of *private non-religious schools in the US.

It’s a start. Do the research for several schools and see whether you can get information about what you would need to get a sponser and a job.

Here’s a specific job description for a wonderful school outside of Philadelphia that I do know well. it requires “At minimum, a bachelor’s degree in education, elementary education, or equivalent.”
“At least two years of experience working with young children.”

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Thanks a lot gailchild. That answer looks like a promising start.

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