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Whenever you've laughed out loud at a comment on here, what are the typical reactions from those around you?

Asked by ucme (45420points) May 14th, 2014

Whether at home or work or just out & about.
Something that’s been said or done that you particularly remember.

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Mom: have you got this month’s money yet?
Dad: tomorrow, honey.
Brother: dad! I’ve finished my homework. Can we play football now?
Fish: ... (hey, master, feed us already!)
Trees: ... (I’m just enjoying the day. Don’t fucking bother me)
Passer-by birds: ... (just another house. Nothing special)
Mosquitoes: ... (come on, don’t hit me while I’m eating OK? I have been starving for 3 days now)

Side note: they are downstair.

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Though it might sound rather pathetic, there is never anyone around when I am looking at fluther so any laughter goes unheard, I like laughing out loud when I’m on my own, it adds to the pleasure in some way, a little secret just between me and me.

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@Adagio Doesn’t sound at all pathetic, I often chuckle to myself with just random thoughts.

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My husband used to peek in to see what the hell was wrong with me. He understands now. :D

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Sometimes I find myself chuckling at something on Fluther, sometimes I find myself chuckling at my own sense of humor.

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I had a boyfriend once who hated reading. I’d be reading something and I’d burst out laughing. He could NOT understand how I could laugh at something I’d READ. Fluther, the internet, is the same thing as reading, but a lot more interactive.

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I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud at something I’ve read on Fluther. I’ve read/watched things online that have made me laugh, but I can usually make it a quiet laugh if I’m in my office or something. If I’m at home and laugh out loud at something on my phone, my husband will ask what I’m laughing at so I’ll share it with him.

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I use my computer in my bedroom, pretty much no one ever hears me. :/ So I hope I never get murdered in here.

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Yes. Much better to be murdered in another room in the house. ANY room but your bedroom! ;)

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I don’t want blood all over my pillows.

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Murdered by your mama with pillows…s-mother!!

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…that was actually pretty win lol.

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