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Gjoub .....evil or good spirit?

Asked by deb (18points) July 4th, 2008

If you have been told to ask this spirit for help in a spell
is this a evil spirirt…I want to know more about this spirit

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not a good idea, don’t unleash things you can’t control…

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I used to wonder the same thing about tequila.

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How about fictitious spirit?

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Do you do everything you are told? Why are you messing with something that you know nothing about? If you google this term, there is no hard information linking it to any real tradition. It seems to be a meangingless, made-up thing.

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If you believe in this kind of thing and want to continue, there’s really no reason not to.

GJoub is classified as a demon (well as far as I understand it anyway), however, you are right, he fits better into the Spirit category of entities, and seen as completely harmless. This spirit is often summoned on for help, similarly that Christians will summon on Paul for help. The most common reason for calling on this cute little fella is with help in love, friendship – that kinda cutsie stuff.

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Like other people have said,don’t mess with things you don’t understand.

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I was also told to summon Gjoub and have been looking hom or her on the net and can’t find anything tell me all you know about him because I really want this spell to work thanks and blessed be

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