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If killing someone the first time sends them to an afterlife, where would killing their afterliving being send them?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1164points) February 14th, 2010

Foreword: I tapped the question & details onto my phone between reading magazines at HyVee this morning.

(ATTENTION: Players of Diablo II and Dante’s Inferno!)

If you’ve ever played Diablo II & Dante’s Inferno, you would have killed demons already in their unpleasant afterlives.

So the question from that is: Where do their spirits go when they’re killed the second time while already being in an afterlife?

I personally would hope that their slates get clean and they get reincarnated to a mortal life somewhere, or the Hell-cleansing soldier “put them out of their misery” by sending them off to Heaven from the Hell in which they fought.

Sure, some may argue that they just “cease to be,” but Einstein once said that when one form of energy “dies”/gets consumed, it converts into another form; it never truly disappears.

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My imaginary grandfather always told me “don’t over analyze song lyrics” but I’m sure his wisdom could easily be applied to video games
I love video games too, but most of what you see there is designed to create a challenging game experience, and not to conform to reality.

I get the sense that the afterlife will be so non-congruent with our experiences here that such questions will be rendered meaningless

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Since the afterlife is a fantasy story in the first place, you may just have to ask whoever came up with the storyline for the game.

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They’ll end up in Miami during mid-summer !

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They all go into my MIL she is the grand vessel for all disgruntled maltreated spirits.

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you cant kill a spirit a second time. you cant kill somthing thats already dead.

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Into the US Postal Service.

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in the games there character gets erased. in real life you cant fill a spirit or someone thats immortal.

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Why do you presume you can kill beings in an afterlife? Just because of a game?

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@slick44, so how does that happen anyhow in Diablo II and Dante’s Inferno?

(I know they’re “just games” but how would their game lore-writer explain that?)

@marinelife, that 2nd question also goes to you.

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Is it Boston?

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why does this matter at all. It’s a game, enjoy it for what it is.

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Is’t it obvious? If dying the first time sends you to the afterlife, then dying the second time sends you to the after-afterlife. In other words, you are reincarnated, most likely as a tapeworm.

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@EgaoNoGenki: I don’t know what the games but Christian tradition says that demons began as fallen angels. other traditions have demons just existing. they didn’t start off as the spirits of the dead. though like I said, I don’t know what the game says.

Sure, some may argue that they just “cease to be,” but Einstein once said that when one form of energy “dies”/gets consumed, it converts into another form; it never truly disappears.

okay. I really posted to answer this. I have heard this said a lot to justify an afterlife, though I had heard it attributed to Einstein. one, did he ever say it? two, couldn’t he have gotten it wrong and third…

though you can’t perhaps destroy energy, you can destroy a pattern. you can also shut up a light so that the luminance no longer exists. a cup of boiling water can cool and freeze solid so that you can longer make fresh cup of tea with it. et cetera.

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I suppose since we are talking about demons here, I will give a biblically accepted (as far as I know)

Demons cannot die, and if you were to for some incredibly rare chance kill one, even in hell, they would simply be “recast down” back into the lower circles of hell. Demons are fallen angels after all, and angels are immortal.

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@ChaosCross hows that Biblical at all? Scripture reference?

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How do we know there’s an afterlife?

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“We” don’t all “know” the same things. I can only explain “how” I know. I cannot explain “how” you do or don’t.

And no, hearing my explanation will not change your perspective one little bit. It would only give cause to your subjective reasoning to think me mad. You’ll have to find your own madness. I will not share mine with you. I can’t.

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@Captain_Fantasy- We can’t “know”. Contrary to what some people say or think, we can only believe we know. If I had a nickel for every person who knew something and a dime for every person who knew the opposite I’d be in a palace in Maui writing this.

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I’ve often wondered about what happens to zombies after they have their heads blown off.

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@ratboy They’re often re elected.

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I asked the same question when I saw ‘Dead Like Me’ for the first

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This is what comes of applying conventional video game concepts to the immaterial. :\
In-game, I suppose that you’re banishing them to a dimensional side room. But really, killing only applies to the mortal part of a person. Possibly animals, too; no theologian that I’ve ever asked thought that there was enough evidence to make a ruling on whether or not animals go to heaven. I understand that the Catholic Church (which has by far had the most time to ponder such matters) does not believe that they do.

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Diablo II. Cow level.

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