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It's simple: Cats vs. Dogs?

Asked by Hotpockets (23points) August 2nd, 2008

This isn’t a question based on opinions of whether cats or dogs make the better companion. This is the “why” cats or dogs make the better companion. I’m looking for reasons such as attentiveness, trainability, self reliance, etc.
Also, if there are certain breeds that are easier to handle than others, that information would be much appreciated.

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Cats. They’re intelligent and shit where you tell them to.

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I always liked dogs, particularly working breeds, since they are smart, and people don’t like to break into your house when they know you have a german shepard or a doberman. Cats are cool if you live in an apartment cause they take care of themselves for the most part. but anywhere else i prefer a dog.

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I for one prefer cats…I have a Bengal Cat…he’s awesome, I’ve trained him to play fetch, he sleeps in my bed at night and keeps my legs warm, and he is always there to greet me at the door when I get home after work. He also has been one to never let me sleep in past my first alarm going off (he pretty persistent with pushing his head on mine to wake me up).

Cats require less maintenance than a dog too, get them a litter box which they naturally want to use anyways. Feed them once a day and make sure they have fresh water.

Dogs that are kept indoors sometimes have abandonment issues and might take it out on furniture, or pee or poop on floors if you work a longer day than usual. My cat hasn’t torn up a single piece of furniture, he is easily trained with a new scratch pad and cat nip, and has never missed his litter box once.

As far as particular breeds go…I’d say they all have similar personalities….I just like the design the Bengal Cat has….leopard spotted, and he is very lean, and likes water =)

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Cat’s want you to leave them alone and they look down on you. Dogs appreciate you and don’t mind sleeping on the floor next to your bed.

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Cats are cuddly and love to snuggle and purr. Dogs give you slobbery kisses and love to go for walks with you. :-)

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Dogs. They’re loyal and loving. Cats have a crappy attitude, like “I don’t need you.”

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A dog respects/acknowledges that you are above it in the pecking order and cares what you think/how you react.

A cat mostly looks out for itself but they mostly take care of themselves.

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Dogs are affectionate, cats are aloof.

Also, having a cat is (I think) far more likely to lead to difficulties with visitors’ allergies. You could, of course, look into getting a hypoallergenic cat (I can attest to this actually working, at least in some cases; I can also attest to cat allergies sending a person to the emergency room).

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Would you classify cheetahs as cats because those things are freakin amazing. What else could run faster to the store and get you pop tarts and milk when your late for school- imagine all the gas you can save. :)

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Cats. Besides being less maintenance, I usually don’t have too many cat attacks on my mail route.

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Dogs, because if you die they won’t eat you. Seriously, I like both, but dogs are my favorite.

They speak more of our language, human vocabulary of more than 200 words. They love you unconditionally. They always are ready to play. They always will rest if you want. They sense how you feel, and they care. If you’re sad, they’re sad, but they will try to cheer you up.

They ask very little of us. They view their peole a friends (packmates) whereas cats relate to their people as their parents.

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Cats. I have 5, with 5 very different personalities. I have a boy cat that is just like a dog; he is similar to random’s cat. He comes when I call him, plays fetch, and walks on a leash. But, he also yells at me when he is not happy. My cats are all soo lovable and cuddly. They are more independent than dogs, but that’s what I like about them; they do not need me to be fulfilled. Dogs always look so sad when no one is paying attention to them.

I love all animals, but I will always have a cat (more likely cats) as a companion. I would eventually like a dog, but I’ll wait for a house with a nice yard for that.

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A cat looks at you as if to say, “Oh, Pleeeeease.” (I swear Ike just rolled his eyes at me.) They are too cool for school and they know you know it.

A dog looks at you as if to say “Can we? Maybe? Please?” It’s pleading and it’s desperate and it’s just pathetic.

I hang with the cool kids. Cool for cats. :)

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Cats are smarter than dogs. Don’t believe me? Try and get eight cats to pull a sled through the snow.

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Dogs care about you more. Don’t believe me? Try to get eight cats to sleep next to you and keep you warm in the Antarctic.

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Cats don’t try to catch car tires going down the street…heh

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@pete My cats sleep with me all the time. They wedge in among me and my wife and cuddle. 3 love to sleep under the covers.

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I like cats fine. I just like dogs a lot better.

Why is this such a controversial issue?

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Both. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

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@mlc I agree. Sadly, since adopting our ex-racing greyhound with the high prey drive, we can’t have cats. I miss them.

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I like Catdog.

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Simple: If you want to be loved, get a dog. If you want to look cool for having a pet even though it despises your very being, get a cat.

I, for one, enjoy my dog’s companionship.

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My cats love me!!

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Oh chutterhanban you are so wrong about that! I know plenty of cats that have worshipped their owners and are the sweetest animals! I can’t choose just one. I equally love my cats and dogs, for different reasons. My dogs greet me at the door and that just makes my day! My cat cuddles up next to me and purrs when I pet her. :)

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dogs they are loyal….and honest…. and i already had 3 and have one at present

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My cats are all over me all the time… especially my Mookie. She’s got to be touching me in some way 90% of the time. And Bo will come up to me and “scream” until I pet her and then she promptly plops down on me and begins happily suckling her paw and then falls asleep on me. They run to the door when they hear me coming up the stairs; I can see their little paw shadows on the floor.

The best thing I like about cats over dogs is the fact that if they’re indoor, they rarely need to be professionally groomed. Unless they get so fat that they can’t reach their back, they don’t get stinky and greasy like dogs do. And they don’t need haircuts :)

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In the spirit of neutrality, I like them both equally. Cats are easy, the only kind of training they need is litter box training. Besides they purr – and I’ve always thought that was very cool. Dogs are great companions and love unconditionally but require quite a bit more training.

I have solved the cat vs. dog question by owning a pug. He sleeps all day in the sun just like a cat, his snout is so small he actually purrs, and he is about the size of Magnum, my favorite pet cat of all time.

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My cat rules. She is really smart. She has a part-time job at Locopops, so she even brings in some $$$ for the family. She also has her own myspace, which she uses to meet boycats. We’re trying to restrict her use of this, as we’re concerned that not all boycats may be who they claim they are, but I think she’s got it under control.

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I happen to have both a cat and a dog and here is my opinion. Cats trump the dogs. Why? Here’s my reasoning.

1. My cat understands me. My cat and I have some form of mental link, we understand each other, our expressions, our emotions everything. My dog doesn’t know anything about me. Then again, my cat and I have been together for over 8 years so I guess we’ve had more time.

2. My cat understands english! For the most bit, when I ask him to do something, he does it. If I tell him to wait while I get some water for his dish, he waits there patiently. My dog, only does something if he has a treat along with it. (And we’ve tried everything to train him, the only thing he understands is “sit”.)

3. My cat is quiet. My cat is not a very vocal creature, he purrs when I pat him, and he meows only every so often. My dog on the other hand, whimpers, whines, barks his head off, almost constantly, and wants a biscuit for it! Cats are just calm I guess.

4. I love my cat.

So it’s simple; cats vs. dogs: Cats win.

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@ Marina: Dogs won’t eat you? Tell that to Marie Prevost.

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You’re just sick, asking me to make a choice like that!

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@PnT Yeah, I knew about cats, but was disturbed to see dogs have done it too. On the other hand, if we were locked somewhere with either of them dead, we might eat them too history shows.

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@aidje Hypoallergenic cats- what are some that you would recommend?
@chutterhanban I agree with TheHaight on that one. Both animals are very capable of loving their owner.
@poofandmook That was a very cute story. And a very good point made- that they don’t need haircuts and require less bathing.

Now, I love both animals equally. I have a cat at the moment, and have had a dog as well. The cat that I have now just can’t get enough of me. Even now she is in my lap as I type, every now and then waking up to push her nose into my hand. (I’m on a laptop.)
And dogs, even the bathings that a dog needs can be fun. I will admit that it is nice not having to bath a cat, but when it is hot outside it’s kinda nice to get out there with your dog and play in the water. :D

Thanks everyone for your input!

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Dogs!! my dog likes to “talk” to me. He is always happy to see me. Loves to perform for treats – I don’t even have to give a command anymore. If he wants a treat he’ll sit, give me his paw, lie down, bark once, roll over, sit up, and then nod his
head. Its very comical and he gets

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…a treat everytime. :)

srry it took two responses. something happened and I got booted out of the first one.

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im sure cats are great but i love my dog.
its so loyal and friendly, my father has a cat..and all it does is just walk around….thats it. like you cant play with it that much….you cant [well you can but its kinda wierd] take a cat for a walk

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The two hypoallergenic cats that I’ve known were both Norwegian Forest cats. My sister has a very bad cat allergy, and she didn’t have a single problem with them despite being around them fairly regularly. They were cool cats, too. But I think they might be pretty expensive. There are a few other breeds that have been specifically bred to be hypoallergenic; I think that in the case of the Norwegian Forest cats, it just happened to work out that way (rather than being an intention of breeders).

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Does their fur smell of fir?

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Dogs. They are easier to train. And easier to pet.

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Depends on the human. For me it’s clearly cats for many reasons, though I like most dogs. My comparative cattractions include that generally they don’t stink up a house; I relate to them, identify with them, and gain a perspective I appreciate them more; they delight me and make me happy; they purr; they don’t generally drool, pant, get aggressive and noisy, and they usually handle their own excretions; they’re cuddly but also a convenient size and cleanliness; they pretty much handle themselves compared to dogs; and as I said, many other things.

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I have 2 cats and 5 dogs. Cats are more independent, for sure. Dogs are needier (sp?) and more into people. Both have their good points.

My dogs make me laugh more…they’re more social. Depends on the cat tho. I’ve found male cats are more affectionate.

If someone were to break into my house, I’m pretty sure the cats would care less…

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I think it depends on the type of person you are. If you’ve got all the time in the world, then a dog would be good because they never get sick of you. But if you’re always busy, then cats would be good because they’re fairly independent and don’t have the constant need for attention.

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Cats are not companions. You don’t own a cat. It just does you the honour of allowing you to leave some food for it. And it might even do you the honour of eating it. Whereas dogs are slaves, sentimentally attached to you and your home. So depends on what you want really.

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I like dogs fine, but cats are my animal of choice.

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cat’s are the best. They are not always annoying the crap out of you but still like to be around and are cute and nice.

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Its hard to choose because they are both intelligent but if i had to i would say i could’nt because some cats and dogs are boring like the nerd you only hag out with so you can study, and some cats and dogs are awesome like the best friend you would call up and kick it with! so if it was up to me… GET BOTH!

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Attentiveness, trainability etcetera? Cats?

Lifts up tail, licks self, and walks away from this thread purring self-contentedly thinking stupid humans ha ha ha ha.

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