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How can I stay awake for a long period of time?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) July 4th, 2008

Well, last night I planned on getting a normal, good night’s sleep. However, I found myself still lying awake in my bed at 5:30 in the morning and the sun was up. So I decided to get up and now I am trying to stay awake atleast until 2 pm, because I am hanging out with a friend around then, currently it is almost 8 am.

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Why don’t you sleep for a few hours and wake up with enough time to get ready to hang out with your friend? You’ll be more fun that way.

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Watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Coffee, Sugar, and very loud music.

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Believe it or not an apple will wake you up as much as a cup of coffee

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You are going out with your friend at 2 P.M. meaning you will then have to be up that whole time? Best bet is to go with shrubbery’s suggestion.

If you insist, though: some food, but not too much. A nice cool to cold shower. Some coffee, but reinfuse every couple of hours or you will have a crash. This site has a bunch of other ideas.

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Is not very healthy, after a period of “no sleep” time you start loosing your regular level of concentration, you are less aware of everything that surrounds you, if you really have to stay awake, get a redbull, you will need lot’s of caffeine

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1. Caffeine
2. 5-hour energy shots
3. Horror movies
4. Electric shock
5. Slamming your fingers in your car door
6. Running——————————————————————away from killer mutant chicken-squirrels
7. 5 2-Liter bottles of Pepsi Max

Oh and don’t overdo it with all of the above within a span of 60 minutes. Side effects may include DEATH.

Don’t lose too much sleep. It ain’t good for ya. Believe me, sleep deprivation is HORRIBLE!

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depends on what u r doing…if you r playing games..I don’t think you’ll have trouble staying awake for somthin like 20hours..but if you r studying or etc, I suggest music(as loud and “rockish” as possible), very cold apple(cold helps you stay up and apple actually can make you less sleepier than drinking coffee) , and as jcs007 suggested, you could run outside for a breather and get some air

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isn’t there one of those pills that makes you not sleep?

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I’ve stayed awake for 92 hours before.
Trust me, you can handle 2pm. Coffee, music, and physical exercise.

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What always works for me is 20–25 minute naps, never longer. If you can get in the habit of taking a 20 minute nap once or twice a day you will never be tired again.

Just set your cell phone alarm for 25 minutes put it on your chest and it should wake you up just fine, and if it is short enough you should not be tired when you wake up.

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Sometimes I use my cat as my alarm. He knows he gets fed at 6:30, so if I go to take a nap at 6, he will always wake up up at about 6:20.

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The important part is keeping busy. Don’t give your mind and body a chance to realize how tired it.

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jcs -your answer made me laugh. thanks!
lefteh – that’s a pretty cool idea with the cat.
marina – i believe he is hanging out with his friend till 2 pm

as for my advice, i agree with lefteh, 2 pm isn’t much of a goal. any sleep deprived college student can tell you that sleep is for when you are dead (bad phrase, but the point is you can still do without it if really needed). I really like the apple suggestion, you could also try Starbucks Doubleshot (get the lighter/creamier kind), try to stay in cooler environments since that will keep you more alert, loud music is always good and sing out loud while listening to it, do exercises such as running on the spot and jumping jacks, go to an empty room and scream (not kidding), keep as many lights on as possible, and stay away from beds. Good luck

~ Ah…good times.

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Some special ops guys carry miniature bottles of Tabasco in their pockets. When they begin to get drowsy and need to stay awake they put a couple of drops in their eyes. Hey… Depends on how bad you want to stay awake.

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So, I fell asleep at 12:30 and woke up at 4:30 with my friend leaving me two voicemails and a text message. Now I can’t phone them back, because my home phone mysteriously stopped working well I slept and my cell phone is dead and the charger won’t work. Also, I’m going away for the weekend in four hours. Thank you all for your answers, unfortunately my bed was too tempting just to lie down, then my body did the rest.

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I really liked the Tabasco one…lol

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1. Drink lots and lots of coffee.
2. Every time you feel like you falling asleep dip your head in cold water.
3. Run around and eat lots of candy.
4. Benadryl makes me hyper so I could take that and be set for like 4 hours.

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keep moving, stay busy. from time to time i stay up for a full 72 hours, without any drugs.
yeah, it’s all about staying on your feet, physical tasks help. stay off the couch, no movies, books, or tv or you’re gonna find yourself with a case of the heavy eyelids and severe cranky pants.

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drawing stuff works for me or watching a screamer(pop-up) works too but other than that well the naps seem like a good idea and 5-hour energy shots should work

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