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How do people get over their shyness?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) July 4th, 2008

In new surroundings, such as a new school or first new job (etc), How do you feel and how do people get rid of their shyness? What do you say to the others to make a conversation?

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I never really got over any of my shyness until I was completely comfortable and secure with myself. Confidence is key. I tried drama class, which worked for the time being, but then transferring to other environments would bring the shyness back. Accepting yourself = Happiness = Good Self-Esteem = Confidence = No more shyness.
Hope that helps.

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I heard a story recently of someone who felt so crippled by his shyness toward women that he was moved to take drastic action. He resolved that he would spend an entire day in a city park and speak to every single woman who came into the park. He said that by the end of the day his shyness was completely gone. You’ve got to admire someone who can stand up to his fears like that.

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chillin out – you can always start with the world famous “Hi, I’m (insert your name here), I just got here and I was wondering if you could tell me where I can (insert any activity here). Then, smile, the world surrenders to an educated and charming person, you can start a conversation from there you just need to chill out a lil’ not pretending anything, just being yourself :)

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hmmm..well I usually just think ‘let’s just face it. they wouldn’t kill me just bcoz I talked to them’ and I pretend I am not shy. then before u know it, u don’t feel shy…at least thats how I felt…

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@ harp: and he didn’t even get arrested, kudos for that.

I got over my shyness when I decided it was important enough.

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Remember that all the other people have fears too. Say how you are feeling. “I feel kind of awkward (or weird) being the new person,” will usually bring out people’s desire to make you feel at ease or to share stories of their own shyness.

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Stop thinking about yourself and notice what’s going on with someone else. No one
minds being given some attention.

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A beer or two at happy hour! ;) Truthfully, I’ve found that the great majority of people are so wrapped up in themselves—they barely take notice of other people’s self-imposed hang-ups. We’re usually our own worst critic. Look people in the eye, flash a genuine smile & everything else will fall into place. If all else fails, buy a few rounds of PatrĂ³n!

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