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When is the best time for seeing the meteor shower tonight?

Asked by janbb (51626points) May 23rd, 2014

As asked.

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The peak is supposed to be tonight between 2AM and 4AM (Sat AM) for those of us on the East coast. This is the first time Earth will be passing through this particular debris field so nobody knows how busy it will be. Some people think it can be as high as 400 per hour but they are guessing.
The best time for me to see it is when I naturally get up to pee.
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Thanks for reminding us! :-)

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Thanks for the reminder. I just saw on the news as I opened this question the same info that @LuckyGuy gave. I’ll set my alarm.

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The best time will be after the rain stops and the clouds clear.

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MY plan, which I’m going to try very hard to stick to, is to drive north of Durham on 85 at 2am to find a good, dark spot on the other side of Falls Lake to watch the Camelopardalid meteor shower. It’s supposed to get into the 50’s tonight, so mosquitoes shouldn’t even be a problem. Anyone want to go with me?

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@syz You can sleep over at my house so you don’t have to travel at night. It is very dark here with Lake Ontario to the north and the wilds of Western NY to the west.

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^^^ Check your weather forecast. it does not look very promising.

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In Connecticut, I’d say “sometime after the rain stops”. But the way things are going, that won’t be until tomorrow noon-ish.

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The pee alarm went off right on time! It is a cloudy to the south but only partly cloudy to the north. I will go out there and sit in a chair for a while.

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I sat out there for about 10 minutes and watched the sky cloud over.
Also it is about 8C, ~47F, and I was getting a bit chilled even with a hat and a fleece jacket.

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Totally overcast here :(

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I went back out at 3:10 AND SAW ONE at 3:18!!!
It shot from East to West a little North of directly overhead. Sky is partly cloudy.
Now I can go to bed. :-)

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*&%$&@!! All we had in the sky here was a solid cloud cover.

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A bust here also, but the rain meant I didn’t have to water my newly-planted tomato and basil babies.

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I went out from 2–3am and realized that I hadn’t taken time to look at the starts in quite a while, saw a pretty starfield, enjoyed the fireflys, and smelled the honeysuckle, but saw NO meteors.

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@syz It is a lot colder here and our trees are pine, maple, black walnut, hickory.- no honeysuckle, no bugs. I wore a hat, sweater and wrapped myself in a blanket as I sat in a plastic Adirondack chair. Very relaxing. I could hear geese honking in the distance and then I saw the flash across about 30 degrees (3 fists worth) of sky. Neat.

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