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Why don't we have an app for fluther?

Asked by DipanshiK (818points) May 25th, 2014 from iPhone

I use the mobile version of fluther. Fluther has been there for quite some time, but why do we not have an app for fluther, as yet?
Really looking forward to using an app for fluther.

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The owners and fluther founders are not here much anymore. They are over at twitter. No one will be changing things here much.

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There was a Fluther app. Now there isn’t a Fluther app.

I don’t know why.

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Wow @Mimishu1995 That was cool. Thanks.

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@Mimishu1995 yeah thanks that can help.

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No, @Mimishu1995, the Jelly app is not a Fluther app. Although one of our founders was a top developer on that project, there is no overlap in content between sites. We did the April Fool’s joke, but it was completely made up for fun.

There currently is no development at Fluther, and has not been for a few years. We exist only by the graciousness of the Founders who continue to support the servers on which the community lives. So there is no app in development.

The mobile site was developed as a web app when the iPhone first came out – before native apps existed – which is what brought me here nearly seven years ago. It is lacking, but it’s a quick way to navigate through the site. At the bottom of the Mobile site’s page are links that allow you to toggle between the Mobile site and the full Desktop site. Another way to do this is to change the URL: is the full site, and is the web app.

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^^ Nice when someone who knows the answer, answers.

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@zenzen Both have since left Twitter.

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There used to be one but it didn’t work as good as the mobile version.

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Totally curious here. What would a app have that the mobile site doesn’t? All I can think of is push notifications if someone responded to your question. But I bet that would get really old really fast.

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@johnpowell, I used the app and found it faster and easier to launch than opening a mobile browser. I really miss it.

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@Pachy Maybe you’re using the wrong browser. Then again, I tried many before I found a decent one.

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@Pachy and @Judi – What app? The only one I remember was just a shell for the mobile site, and it worked inconsistently. It wasn’t a true native app.

I use Chrome for iOS to access Fluther on my iPhone and iPad, and it is pretty quick with both the mobile and full sites. Now if only I could keep it from crashing frequently and/or logging me out from my sites randomly, I’d be happy.

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I got it from the App Store but it didn’t work as well as the mobile site.

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