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Who's your favorite founding father?

Asked by jacksonRice (407points) July 4th, 2008

Mine is Thomas Jefferson. If you have a really good founding mother, she’s welcome too.

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Samuel Adams because he makes a good beer.

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James Madison. He introduced the Bill of Rights, championed the principle of the balance of powers, and fought against the influence of aristocracy and special interests. My Man.

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No one has said George Washington? Hmm.

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After the HBO special, John Adams is tied with Benjamin Franklin. But it’s hard to top an old lech who took “air baths” in his front room for the ladies of Philadelphia to view.

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Benjamin Franklin. He was so much more than just a patriot.

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Alexander Hamilton – only self made founding father, immigrant, saved our economy with his economic plan

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john hancock. i like men with big signatures.

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alexander hamilton – ditto with mirza

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I like Jefferson and Franklin.

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@mirza & siliconcalley And he founded the Coast Guard.

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Thomas Jefferson for damn sure.

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Alexander Hamilton

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∗Andrew & Ben∗

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Ben Franklin

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<——That’s me with my favorite: Jefferson.

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Ben Franklin he even started the first fire dept. In the US.

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I like them all…but I like John Adams most for his inclusion of the 2nd Amendment. George Washington wasn’t a Founding Father; he was just in charge of the Cotinental Army. He didn’t even want to be the first President of the United States. And the only one to serve under the Articles.

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@winblowz: “George Washington wasn’t a Founding Father”

That’s a terribly inaccurate statement. Why would you not consider him a founding father?

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Because he wasn’t. He was the General who led the blue coats.

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Sounds like we need a DNA test.

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He was also instrumental in the creation and execution of the goals of the Continental Congresses..

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I don’t see how…he didn’t partake int the debates, and voted on a handful of articles. His largest contribution was leading the Cotinental Army to victory.

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He was a primary figure in the movement to draw up the Constitutional Convention because he realized that the Articles of Confederation were not going to function well in the long run.

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