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Any seamstresses or others with familiar with costuming know how to accomplish this?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) May 28th, 2014

I’m working on a cosplay for September and I’m doing this same outfit:

I have a crop top that is that color already and fits me fine, but I’d like to know if there is a way to make faux seams or ribbing on the front to accomplish the same look since I can’t sew from scratch (no machine). Any ideas? Last time I asked for costuming advice I got some good ideas from here so I was hoping I could ask again ^_^

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Well, my first piece of advice is to get a machine, especially since you’re clearly interested in cosplay and this isn’t a one-time issue. Search Craigslist in your area. I found my friend a basic sewing machine in good shape for $15 just last week. My first machine was from Craigslist for $30. People are always getting rid of machines on the cheap.

If you do get one, find a thread that is as close in colour to the shirt as possible, get some very thin rope trim at the craft store, and sew it into the shirt, with a zipper foot, just like you would if you were making piping.

Here is a piping tutorial. Instead of bias tape, just use the shirt.

If getting a machine for this cosplay is really out of the question, you could, in theory, do it by hand. It would be a major pain in the arse (I personally hate hand-sewing), but it’s doable. IMO, it would be well-worth the $30 to get the machine.

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If you have never sewed before, forget it. You won’t be happy with the results. Get an experienced sewer to do this for you and then, practice practice practice so that you can do it yourself next time.

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Since she has until September, it would be totally feasible to practice the piping thing a few times with strips of bias tape, and then on some old Hanes t-shirts before taking the machine to her crop-top.

If you lived closer to me I’d give you lessons. ^_^

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@Seek now I’m upset we don’t live close lol. I really need lessons >_<

how would adding the piping though change the fit of the shirt? Would it make it weird because you’re essentially taking in front of the shirt and making it smaller?

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If you add in three ribs with a thin cord – 1/8 inch or so – you’ll be taking… eh… about an inch off the front of the shirt. So it will fit slightly tighter, but I would say you probably won’t even notice. If it’s a knit fabric, you really won’t be able to tell the difference.

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Alrighty! I’m on the hunt now then for a machine. Hopefully I figure out how to use it in time lol.

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Oh one more thing, so will I typically have to buy a zipper foot separately?

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Most of the time they’ll come with one. If not, it’s not expensive.

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