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Do you have a "frienemy"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23661points) May 28th, 2014

A little definition: “frienemy” is a combination of “friend” and “enemy”. Someone who is both a “friend” and an “enemy”.

Do you have a frienemy? Someone who you dislike but somehow you can’t get rid of them (maybe because there is a relationship between you and them or they can be helpful sometimes)? Or someone you both like and dislike at the same time?

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My best friend and I used to be that way in high school. In fact, we were part of the school newspaper staff and we had our own made up superlatives senior year – she and I got, “Most Likely to Love Each Other….then Hate Each Other…then Love Each Other…then Hate Each Other…” That was our friendship in a nutshell for a few years. Now we’re adults, so we’re mostly just friends.

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Does an ex-spouse count?

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I fucking despise made up words like that, psychobabble bullshit

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No, my friends are friends and my enemies are enemies, and ne’er the twain shall meet.

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I agree that it is a silly and grating neologism, and the correct spelling is “frenemy.”

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Eh, I’m a simple individual. A friend is a brother in arms with whom I chug down the mead after slaying our enemies. There is no in between, besides people I don’t know, or who become acquaintances, mostly out of necessity. (work, for example)

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I don’t know how to tolerate a regular friend. I don’t have the patience to keep up with a friend that I don’t even like.

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I suspect that this one will break down along gender lines…

Nope. I may play rough enough with some of my friends that it might look like I hate them, but no. When someone earns my dislike, then that’s it; friendship over. You’re either friend, enemy, or acquaintance.

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Mr. Peanut.

he knows why . . .

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No. You are either my friend or not. It sounds like a lot of drama.

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@ucme I am pretty sure “psychobabble” is a made up word.

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@filmfann Of course it is, but you completely miss the point, that’s a cool word with a fine definition.
The word mentioned in the question & it’s definition is fucking bullshit, as I said, “words like that”

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(And “its” vs. “it’s,” of course.

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Yes, but this is only because of two cases:
1) There are certain people that I’m forced to deal with, therefore I have no option to not associate with them.
2) I am too nice of a person to tell them to go away or ignore them. Usually they just get the drift that I don’t want anything to do with them.

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I have no enemies.

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I had one then I let her go. I don’t have the time nor the patience to work with people who like to play games.

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@ucme Visualize Professor X and Magneto. They are certainly frienemies.
So are Batman and Superman.
So are Jake Gittes and Lieutenant Escobar.

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One of my best friends and colleagues is definitely a frienemy. I don’t want to stop being friends with her as, on a personal level, I really like her. To work with/for (she’s my boss) she can be a pain in the arse and I often go home really disliking her. She isn’t all bad and I think she means well but her expectations are too high and she has a way of making you feel really crap if you don’t meet them.

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@filmfann Rivals with mutual but grudging respect, that word stinks the place out & is used exclusively by accountants named Gordon whose hobbies include pointing at clouds & spoon bending.

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Don’t worry, too many to count. Mostly they’re on the enemy side more;)

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Yes, when I was in my early twenties and younger. As I had went through my twenties I’d simply found that having these types of friends was just not worth the stress. They usually didn’t take too kindly when I would gradually find excuses to fade away from their lives though, almost like they were addicted to the drama they liked to create.

Fair-weather friends are another example of people I stop associating with too, though I’ve found they’re much easier to blow off for obvious enough reasons. Sometimes even close friends fade away simply due to life circumstances and people just going their own way.

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