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What's the least lonely you've felt recently?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) July 4th, 2008
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I never feel lonely. How could I? I always got the collective in my pocket.

Could someone pass me out some change for coffee please.

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When a ton of my friends called me up cause they heard I wasn’t feeling well. I got calls, texts, and several of them stopped by with a “care package” of soups, Cup of Noodles, magazines, movies, and medicine.

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How could I feel lonely? everyone loves me! I’m just kidding. I’ve been getting loving emails lately.

Tom don’t even go there

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when i got home from work and picked up my phone i’d forgotten, and saw six new texts. that was exciting. wish that happened more often even though i hate forgetting my phone any place.

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i felt so lonely i cut my arms again, then i wrote some more in my scrapbook, and posted one of my saddest poems on deviantart and myspace, then i posted a picture of an NES with it, because that’s like so oldskool, oh man, and then i posted a picture of my new supertight pants, you can totally see my kneecabs in it, that’s how tight it is, aren’t i interesing ?

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also, when I got back from spain I got a TON of texts

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I feel loneliest when I’m with a friend or friends and I’m having trouble forging the connection.
I feel the least lonely whenever I can bring myself to the realization that I do not end at the edges of my skin. That I create my loneliness by fixating on the boundaries of my understood identity.
“Total absorption of the senses” is, to me, the true opposite of alienation/loneliness, rather than something akin to “elation” (which I believe is often considered the opposite of every “negative” emotion).
Hi Judy.

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Oddly enough, when I am left to my own devices. I just feel much more connected to the world when I am able to take a step back.

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Generally, the more people there are around me, the more lonely I feel. But a few weeks ago I visited a friend of mine and her parents in Nebraska. While I was there I had a bit of an accident and I sprained my ankle and broke two toes. I couldn’t drive because the foot I hurt was the right one, so I couldn’t put pressure on the gas pedal of my car. I wound up staying there for a week and it turned out to be one of the best weeks of my entire life. I’ve never felt so welcome and wanted and at home. When I finally left, her dad especially seemed so bummed out about it. I wish I could go back and live there.

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Just the other day my 2 year old nephew climbed up on my chest, stuck his nose up against mine, giggled and then burrowed under my arm.

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@SeventhSense Nephews are THE BEST.

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Ya and he is such a little imp. He will look at you totally serious almost like he’s mad and then he’ll just break out in this huge grin. He is so adorable

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My son was at the beach with friends, and ate something bad, apparently. He called me to come get him – I dropped everything and drove all the way – happily. His look of gratitude and relief did it for me – and he soon felt much better. He just needed a little daddy tlc and some tea (and the bathroom). But I felt lucky and so very not alone; for my son loved me and knew he could count on me; And I, had him.

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