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What are some unique party ideas?

Asked by laura98 (191points) May 29th, 2014

So my 16th birthday is coming up in a little over 2 weeks or so and I was wondering if anyone could think of some out of the box ideas that I could do with my friends. I’m not big on huge parties and honestly don’t have enough friends to have a huge extravagant sweet 16. Anyway, it’s only going to be me and my 3 other friends and I want to think of a uber awesome idea that will keep us busy.

I was thinking about paintball, but at the same time it’s not enough people to have a private party and I have a lot of social anxiety,etc. idk, but I don’t want that to take away from any of the fun. I would just like to see if anyone has a good and unique idea about what I could do for my party? TY!!

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What do you like to do? That’s the place to start.

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Well, I don’t do much, aside from reading and writing and playing instruments. I enjoy ice skating though! I also like horseback riding and enjoying nature.

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So – how about horse back riding at a stable or an ice skating party followed by pizza at your house?

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This is kind of wacked, but since you like nature, how about a picnic table out in the woods, with the party foods setup, and you guys have to geocache to it? You start a ways from it and follow clues to get to it. Or ride to it? I don’t know if your friends ride, and make sure everyone has a charged cell phone and a compass.

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I think your general living situation is also important here. Especially as in urban vs. rural, the available budget and local landmarks (mountains, the ocean, vast parks).

Personally, I like @Adirondackwannabe‘s suggestion. A lot.

Also, take a quick look through this.

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Perhaps have your friends instruments at the aforementioned Geocache. Jamming in the woods with friends sounds like great fun!

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Since you like outdoor activities the geocaching sounds like a good idea.

Horseback and ice skating you might want to make sue all the girls will like it, although, you might be giving them a new experience, which can be good too. Or, something like a hayride where no one has to worry about getting up on their own horse.

Another suggestion is what about a picnic and boat ride if you have some sort of body of weather near you.

There is always the girly thing of manicures and lunch, but that doesn’t sound like it is your style.

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side note The friends I am inviting are 2 guys and one girl.

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How about a cheap spin on the paintball idea and have a water balloon battle or a pie fight? Or both. Your water balloons can have food coloring in them & you don’t have to waste real pie just tins with whipped cream.

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