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Why do I keep thinking of him?

Asked by Justified (34points) May 30th, 2014

Alright so a few weeks ago my friend dared me to hang out with some people I don’t usually be with. As I said in my last question I’m shy, but that’s just in class, or small-group thing. Anyways, there was this guy that my friend was telling me I liked. I said no. He was a really nice guy, accepted us and was really friendly in general. But I’m in seventh grade, so I’m not thinking about all that ‘I like him’ stuff. I pushed the thought away. The thing is, though, I can’t stop thinking about him, and he’s just so nice to me it’s really complicated to explain. Also, I keep staring at him in class and stuff. We’ve become good friends. I don’t understand why I feel like I ‘like’ him and don’t. Mixed feelings. Any experience might help. Thanks:)

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Because you’re thirteen and becoming acquainted with the new hormones your body is producing.


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It is understandable. Your first love is always hard for your mind to understand it because its something new and different.
don’t make any drastic moves if you do like him try not to show that to much and try and keep it to just friends for as long as you can
good luck :)

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Your feelings are normal. Your hormones are stirring and you feel attracted to this guy. You can be emotionally not ready for a romance but your hormones send a different message. That’s normal.

I would concentrate on being a good friend to people – girls or boys – and choosing people to be your friend who are honest, moral, truthful (and of course fun). These are the most important factors in all your relationships, romantic or not.

If people in your friend group are teasing you – ‘you’ve got a crush on him’ etc, you can just say – ‘Yep, he’s a nice guy but I’m not ready to date yet’ and leave it at that

My daughter is 13 next week and has a close friend who is a boy. She does like him in a romantic way a little but, as she put it, ‘we’re 12 years old – what are we going to do that friends don’t do?’

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It’s the age. Give it time. Take it slow. Remeber, hat you love yourself first before trying to like other people.

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It can be hormones or as you put it, “He has accepted us and is really nice”. It may be that you put a value on his acceptance of you. He simply may be the first person that you feel is sincere in his acceptance of you. I remember one or two guys or even some girls in grade school who I had a crush on but it wasn’t sexual in any way. Nor did I want to date them. I just felt special by being their friend because they were so sweet. Sometimes we just put certain types of people on a pedestal and their acceptance is like a seal of approval that you are of equal standing. Often times they turn out to be the people no one wants to date because people don’t want to lose their friendship if things go south.

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Puberty alert ! Just kidding.

Well sometimes when you try harder and harder to avoid something,it just becomes more closer to you.
It’s nothing to worry about. It’s gonna be okay in a few months.
Advice- get yourself busy!

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^^ OP was only 12 years old and is no longer here.

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mm.. I’m unable to answer this question. The responses have me very confused too. I feel the same way as you do and I’m 28!

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