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Why are women's restrooms nicer than men's?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) July 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I happen to glance over while going to the restroom at the local mall and there is no door so you can see in the entrance. And before my eyes, a couch! I thought to myself why dont we get a couch? Why are women’s restrooms nicer than men’s? Why dont we have couch’s?

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Women aren’t as gross in the bathroom as men. I always made my previous male live-in companions clean the bathroom. Yuck!

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in defense of males. Not all of us. I know that personally my bathroom is cleaner than some girls i know.

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Women normally have a waiting line, while men do not. Also, they don’t have the same problems aiming that we do.

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Was this in the 70s? That’s how long it has been since I saw a couch. I miss those couches. Chances are this was an old restroom if it had one. As to reasons, there were two: pregnancy and menstruation. In both cases, the couch could be a godsend.

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I have done a fair amount of janitorial work. I preferred cleaning the males restroom. Using some paper towels to wipe up some piss was a lot better then cleaning up some of the stuff I found in in the females restroom. And why do women shred the toilet paper and put it all over the floor?

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Those of you who think women are less messy in the restroom have never had to clean one. I always had thought that men were less likely to leave a mess. Just the opposite is true. While teenage boys are more likely to leave disgusting intentional messes in the bathroom, the average woman is much more of a slob in there.

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Oh yes I have. Men’s bathrooms STINK!!!

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Because Women are Froofie and Men are not! LOL!

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How odd to have seen the same question asked four weeks ago. Collusion? A truly fascinating subject? A dearth of new ideas? (21 responses)

Asked by Simone54:

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This is a new bathroom in a new mall with couch’s

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That reminds me of when I was in 1st grade how some of the girls and I would tell the guys that we had a couch and a plazma screen in our bathroom at school. Good times

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trade-off for the longer lines?

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you had plasma screens in the first grade. God I am old

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Sometimes womens rooms have couches so women can breastfeed in privacy and discreetly.

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@banjo—did you have quills? horses & carriages? or five miles barefoot in the snow?

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Because they deserve it! You would not be here if it weren’t for a woman!

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Women have nicer bathrooms because they need them. Only women bleed.

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uphill both ways!

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I was at the beach today, had to wait over a half an hour in line to pee (and missed some of the fireworks show) and wished I were a guy at the time! Theres pros and cons for both.
(Oh; and by the way: there are rarely any couches in womens bathrooms. The only places I’ve seen them was in rich shmancy-fancy department stores, some churches, etc..)

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@ bulbatron… or a man, for that matter.

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The man’s work is not as “Labor Intensive”!

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@willb (and others concerned). here is a way to officially vent, should you wish.

I remember as a kid, they were always in the big downtown department stores and the like. They were also in upper scale restaurants. In the above link they call them “fainting couches”. I was either told (at the time) or assumed they were for employees on breaks and remember thinking that would be an odd place to take a nap or even lie down.

True story, bulb: Just after my neighbor had delivered her first child (after a very loooong and hard labor) her husband commented that he was exhausted. In disbelief, she answered: “you’re exhausted, what about me”? His answer: “at least you were lying down”. needless to say, they are no longer married

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@bulbatron, in my experience the man’s work can sometimes be extremely labor-intensive…

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@jacksonr: only if he pulls his lower lip over his head and then tries to swallow, then it might compare.

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@seesul—is THAT what childbirth is like?? christ.

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No, Seesul’s suggestion is actually pretty comfortable relative to a baby’s head traveling down the birth canal and out a normally very small opening.

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@Johnpowel- As a female I completely agree with you. I most definitely would rather clean a men’s bathroom then a woman’s. Women’s bathrooms are absolutely disgusting. I could not tell you why some women do the things they do in those bathrooms.

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I think the real question here is why on earth would anyone want to stay in the restroom long enough to sit on the couch in the first place? Men’s room or women’s room, they all stink!

My husband complains about this topic all the time though. He says Jcpenneys is sexist for putting paintings and couches in the women’s room but not the men’s.

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Because I guarantee you men will start peeing on the couch! And the pictures. Especially if they’re posted up high. They think they’re special that way!

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Hey bulbatron, don’t know if you knew this, but women do not reproduce asexually. Also, dealing with women is extremely labor-intensive.

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