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How do I uopload photos from my phone to my facebook account page?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) June 2nd, 2014

I have a Samsung illusion android phone and I need to put some photos on my facebook page. Please help me.

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is there a link to FB in your photo app as there is on an iPhone? If not, you can e-mail them to yourself and then upload them from e-mail.

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Sometimes if you hit the top of the screen, the FB icon will appear. Then you can hit that and it will upload them instantly. Try that.

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@janbb Once I email them to myself, which I have done what next?

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Do you have a desktop? What I do is download them from my desktop e-mail and then upload them in FB from the status bar. But if you can link your FB account to your phone, you should be able to upload them directly from there. (I just don’t want to link it on mine.)

In an iPad there’s also a way to do cut and paste by using your fingertips on the touchscreen so that might be another option.

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@janbb I’ll try the desktop method and let u know how it works out.

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Ok. You may find you need to rotate the photos after they are downloaded but play with it and see.

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Well the email never reached my inbox for some reason, but I did manage to get to get a few pics on Facebook through the phone. I went to the Facebook page and hit the photo prompt and then followed the directions they offered. Thanks for your help.

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