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Where (or when) are you the happiest?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) July 4th, 2008

Are you happy… typing away at your computer? At the beach or mountains? With your family or the people you love? Doing something special? On vacation? In your mind? While you’re sleeping? While creating?

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Is anyone ever truly happy?

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Just before I fall asleep, in my own bed, holding my SO, with my cats sleeping at my feet. That or Disneyland!!!

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At the river reading a book on a sunny day while lounging on a blanket. That is pure bliss.

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Sounds good jp, I would have to say I am happiest when I’m reading.

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In the middle of the woods, with no people around.

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with my head stuffed into a sack of potato chips while playing the ukulele

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i am happy whenever i am with people (be it family or friends) that i truly love being with and talking to. this also applies to talking to friends online (like all you flutherites). also, a good book will make me happy too (like shrubbery said).

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By/on/in the sea, when puttering with anything creative or around people I care about in a good mood.

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I am happiest when I sleep; but these are hard times for dreamers.

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That was extremely inappropriate.

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While I am in nature of whatever type. A walk in the woods, along a lake or river, on the beach.

On a ride somewhere with my husband. Even errands feel like adventures.

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My dermatologist told me this on Wed; “As long as I am looking down at the golf ball rather than up, I am happy.”

I feel contented all the time now; being miserable, worried, depressed and cranky helped no one, including me and the seconds were ticking by (as they still are.)

Yesterday, Milo sat at an open door and scared a deer off that had come for brunch at my garden. That evening, Hmself discovered a large container of loose dirt in the house. He thought it was a litter box. I tracked the smell down after lots of sniffing and laughed. It is wonderful to learn something new every day. (Forget the Febreze and plastic garbage bags – it was a good aerobic exercise.)

The humming birds at the bee balm, the heron on the pond, the newly-born twin dappled fawns, off to lunch with friends, breathing in and out when I awake ( and thrilled to awaken.)

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I am happiest when I am skateboarding. I feel really free when Im skating down a big hill or thru the downtown of a big city. The feeling I get when Im sessioning the ramp with my homies and everyone is feeding off each others energy is indescribable. Its the best buzz in the world. Skateboarding is a lot like life. Its not easy to do and it hurts a lot but there is a lot of joy to be had too.

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anything I’m content with or at.

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Near a body of water. I find it extremely calming and relaxing.

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@beast, why was it ? i’m sorry but i was just answered when i was the happiest, and the first thing that popped in my mind was the morning bj, ok, let me rephrase that for the fragile minded

in bed getting surprised by a girl

that any better for you? i’ll watch my mouth, otherwise your parents won’t let you come here and that would be a shame…

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Having premarital sex has made me pretty happy at times.

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Obviously it was inappropriate, or else the moderators wouldn’t have removed it.

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@beast it was probably flagged by you and they agreed so it was removed. Done. Move on already!

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Last night, sitting on the deck after barbecuing with my son and new daughter-in-law, talking about religion and politics, shooting the breeze and sharing anecdotes was one of the situations that makes me happiest. Staying in the cabins in Stoke State Forest in Sussex County, New Jersey where I vacationed with my family when I was little and where we took my kids when they were little. Working on a watercolor and getting lost in the moment; making the paint do what I want it to or following where it wants to go. Early morning walks to the beach and stopping at Cravings for a cup of coffee. And above all, reading the first paragraph of a good book and knowing that its magic is about to begin.

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hey cmon scamp, let the kid have his moment, not a lot for a teen to do on a saturday night then enjoy his imaginary victory

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@beast: where is your answer?

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I am happiest with my family, camping, at the beach, seeing great live music.
These things do not need to be done all at once, but would be cool!

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I am also happy when the creative energy flows and I make things (like jewelry).

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I would say I am at my happiest when I am being completely random and silly and that is usually with my friends.

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I am happiest when I’m with friends and family and we are having fun together or experiencing joy—and experiencing experiences together. Also, sleeping in.

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a very nice sunset makes my day, specially if I’m in good company

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I can honestly say that on the 4th of July, my grandkids were taking turns kissing me and hugging me – big wet sloppy 2-year old kisses! I was truly happy.

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during sweet slumber<3

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When I am with laughing with the man I love.

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In the kitchen, cooking for friends, family, or just my hungry belly.

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I am happiest on the football field, in the ‘zone’ really

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Holding a puppy, starting a promising new book but most of all laying inside a colorado campground cabin listening to gentle rain on the roof. If I had known how I’d miss those camping experiences I would have gone much more often.

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Spending the day at the horse races…..

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