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What would you do if someone you don't want to know that you're here suddenly appeared, as a new jelly?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14773points) June 6th, 2014

Imagine this scenario: one fine day, you’re browsing around. You see a question or an answer of a new jelly that you find interesting. For some reason (maybe you’re bored; you are curious of their profile; you are so impressed by the new jelly that you decide to follow them… something like that) you enter their profile. And imagine what you see: their story or avatar (or both) seem to indicate that you know that jelly outside Fluther! To make the matter worse, they are the last one you want to invite here (maybe because you talked dirt about them earlier here; you don’t want your anonymity to be destroyed… anything). There is only one lucky thing about it: they haven’t recognized you, yet.

What would you do in a situation like that?

The story will be more thrilling if you add some more “unfortunate” things into it: you have lurved that jelly; you reply to their post and thank/praise them; that jelly say something to you like “you seem to remind me of someone I know”... things like that.

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Turn off the computer and find some real-life activities to get involved in.

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I’m with @gailcalled on this one. Time to re invest in the real world.

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You are too invested in Fluther. Find other things to amuse yourself.

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My uncle showed up here once. It was surprising, but not a terribly big deal. He’s the “cool uncle”, and by that I mean he’s just as dorky as I am, so it’s fine.

He didn’t like the interface, and said he could do better himself, so he went to go build an ancient-Rome themed Q&A site on his own, which he got set up and then promptly got thwacked over the head with ADD and never touched again.

When I started allowing Jellies onto my Facebook page, I thought it was inevitable that there was a chance someone I have spoken about on here would click sooner or later. So I disabled the “answers” tab in my profile and individually hid all of my questions. That took a while (since you can only hide one at a time. Maybe something for @PhinotPi to look to if he’s feeling frisky) but now it’s easy to hide the questions immediately after I ask them.

That way, at least if they recognize my profile, it won’t immediately lead them to the “ZOMG isn’t my sister-in-law a self-righteous windbag!?!” question.

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My sister is here, but rarely. She saw me on, and decided to check it out. Not really a big deal. There isn’t anyone I know that I would make me too uncomfortable.

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Business as usual. There is not a single person whose presence here would bother me. I know a few people who use the site but not with regularity. My regularity comes and goes as my work load increases and decreases.

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“Promptly thwacked over the head with ADD”

I tried wearing a helmet for awhile. My ADHD resorted to gut shots and swift kicks to the shin.

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I wouldn’t want co-workers, relatives or one nosy friend to find out who I am here. It’s for this reason that I don’t tell too many people about Fluther. I try not to put too many details or specifics about certain things in my answers. As for how I would handle it, I am not sure what I would do. Maybe I’d ask to have my profile deleted and then I’d re-start as someone new and just hope for the best. Jelly friends who were curious could discuss the old me and the change via pm.

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I closed my account and returned with a new, less open, identity.

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@gailcalled What is this “real life” of which you speak?

I would not worry about someone I don’t like finding me here, but rather a close friend. I have been brutally honest here, and some friends would not appreciate that

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Today for me;

1) Met a friend at the little post office and offered him advice about planting a deer-proof perennial garden. Heard about how, at 85, he has stopped downhill skiing but does now have a younger girl friend who lives in Tel Aviv.

2) Weeded a ton of goldenrod from my naturalized gardens at the end of my long driveway.

3) Cleaned up the poop produced by the fledgling house wren when he got trapped in my house yesterday for three hours, before I was able to bat him out with a broom, rather like playing geriatric badminton.

4) Popped in to visit the new Norwich terrier 9-week old puppy who has moved in up the road.

5) A light lunch on my deck, a few phone calls and email, then possibly a walk in the woods with Milo. It is a spectacularly beautiful day so i will probably also do some old-fashioned sitting. also,listening to the baby birds and melling the cut grass and the perfume of the late spring blooms.

6) Pick up some DVD’s at the library.

7) Will sit down with my sister to work on finally finishing probating my mother’s will, over three years after her death.

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8) A friend with no TV access is coming over at 6:00 to watch some horse race. I’ll sit with him for the 4–5 minutes of the actual race although I am not a fan of the sport.

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edit ”...smelling thr cut grass”

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^^ try again :-)

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Aargh; ”..rhe…” Did I get it right now?

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I think you’ve been inhaling da trimmed green, right?

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Is there a technical difference between breathing and inhaling?

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Breathing is the active process of inhalation and the passive process of exhalation. You aren’t guilty of anything for inhaling, don’t worry.

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@gailcalled “Some horse race”? Really? This is for the triple crown!

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Today for me:

Attended an SCA event. Learned brocaded inkle weaving and pickup inkle weaving. Took a three-hour-class on the history of the chiton from classical Greece through the early Medieval era. Learned how to weave on a warp-weighted loom. Hand-sewed a pouch based on an illumination in the Morgan Bible. Sampled several different Medieval beer recipes. Enjoyed a five-course meal of all-Medieval recipes. Made several new friends and contacts for more historical craft-learning. I’m stuffed, tired, and feeling accomplished.

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I don’t have much to hide I don’t mind. I have my SO here, he is never here, but he did hang out for a while. I am sure he looked at all my questions about him when he arrived!!! The thing is he knew I asked them (like please help me, his feet stink).

I am pretty much as you see me, straight down the line.

Anything I post here I’d say to anyone I know in real life.

(I know my SO checks here if he does not hear from me, we don’t live together so if I am not answering his texts he looks to see when I last posted here. Although that is not really working for him now, since I am never here haha!)

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