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How do you show someone love?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) June 7th, 2014 from iPhone

I realize I’m asking for it here. Show me some love, folks!

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A little lurve is the best I can do from here, sweetheart.

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Did I say you’re one of my sisters, you are the one I will go on vacation with, you are the one whose house I would like to visit, you are the one whom I love to have a progressive dinner with?

Sorry, can’t find the sources.

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Haha, not just love for ME, everybody… Love in general.

Goodness, how egocentric that question would be.

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Being there for them when they need a friend (listening, etc.)...just one way, but I’m too tired from yardwork to type more right now, lol!

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By treating them as an extension of myself. Calling them out when they need to be called out. Taking and giving advice to/from them when it is needed. Submitting to them emotionally and allowing them to do the same.

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Love is manufactured and expressed by the good intentioned time given to anything or anyone, even if it brings you harm. I have to go love my car right now, by washing and waxing it. Then I have to love my dog, by walking and brushing him.

I’ll love you later tonight.

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Letting someone closer then normal.

Thinking of things to make the loves life easier, then doing them joyfully.

Respecting them.

Listening to them but also being capable of disagreeing with them.

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By taking out the garbage, without needing to be asked.

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Through lightly veiled insults.

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Treating them with respect, consideration and compassion. Listening closely when needed and giving space when desired. Allowing someone to be themselves and make their own choices without trying to manipulate, change, or “fix” them is a true sign of unconditional love.

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I give my friends lots of plants from my gardens. They come by with buckets and shovels and dig up clumps of bee balm, lemon balm, lilies-of-the-valley, evening primrose, sweet woodruff, tansy, wild sunflowers, blackeyed Susans, Pacific bleeding-hearts, magenta, purple and yellow violets, false Solomon’s seal, phlox, euphorbia…all the flowers that spread easily. (I consider it not a gift to them but to me… it saves me a lot of weeding and thinning.) It’s a reproducible resource too.

I have a buddy whose wife has a chronic illness that makes it hard for him to watch TV at his house. He is free to wander in and out of mine at odd hours and can watch one of my TV’s most of the time, as long as he gives me a heads’-up first. (Again, it’s a nice swap. In exchange, once a month he takes my recycleables to the dump.)

I write all my sister’s press releases and artistic statements for her painting exhibitions. I proof read and do line-by-line ediing many of my daughter’s writings and similar editing for several others.

I am a pretty good listener to a handful of people who need a pretty good listener.

I just lent (probably permanently) a friend my luggage, since Jimmy the Greek gives really long odds of me ever getting on a plane again.

If I can do someone a favor, I say “Yes” and then do it. If I can’t, I say “No.”

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By sticking around and giving a shit.

ftr, been sticking around and giving a shit for going on nearly 23 years now

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You’re the one I want to eat half of my calories with (IE you get half the slice of cheesecake so I won’t get fat.)

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Sorry @GloPro, I misunderstood your point :p

Showing random love? By:
– Giving people a hand whenever I sense that they need help, even before they ask.
– Treating everyone equally.
– Not hesitating to forgive.

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@Mimishu1995 Not random love. Just love.

I show someone by holding his hand. Kissing the top of his head randomly when I walk by him sitting down. Saying thank you. Blowjobs Doing house chores willingly. Snuggling. Never asking for the remote.

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Blowjobs are the ultimate expression of love.

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