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Is there a nice way to ask a deli clerk to wash their hands?

Asked by GloPro (8404points) June 7th, 2014 from iPhone

I watched the clerk at the deli sneeze, blow her nose, and then rinse her hands for seriously 2 seconds before donning plastic gloves and asking what I needed…

I asked her, and I quote: “Hi. Would you mind washing your hands again? I know there is a bug going around, and I would prefer you to use soap.”

She said “Excuse me? Sure.”

Then she traded with another clerk.

Is there a better way to do that, or should I have skipped the sliced meat for the day?

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I’d probably walk about first, but I don’t think you were unreasonable. But nice of the clerks to trade.

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I’d say you handled it fine. To the point but not rude.

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Better than what I probably would have said…

“Hey Quasimodo. Any chance you could wash those mitts? This time with soap?!”

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You did a great job, good for you. People have this idea that putting on gloves means they don’t have to wash their hands, but they are idiots because their germy hands touch the outside of the gloves to put them on.

It sounds like she wasn’t offended by how you asked, I think if anything she knew she had made a mistake.

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The way you said it was perfectly fine. She should have known to use soap anyways.

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You handled it fine, diplomatic but to the point. Yikes..I was visiting someone in the hospital today and feel like I need a full body disinfection. I’d take my chances on the deli over the hospital any day of the week. lol

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I wash my hands or use sanitizer out of habit every time I exit a hospital room. I’d say I did it 30 times in 4 hours today. Maybe that’s why I was sensitive to the snotty sneezy hands of the deli clerk.

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I wash my hands and use sanitizer between patients and before/after eating. My hands are under 50 but look over 65.

I think you handled it appropriately, and I have said things to food handlers too – like when they keep the gloves on to ring up the order and handle the cash.

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@hearkat It always stuns me when they use the register and don’t wash their hands afterwards before handling food. That happens a lot.

I like when the sink is in the exam room at doctor’s offices. I like to see them wash their hands before they touch me.

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It’s human nature to get defensive. Especially when you know you’re wrong. She was embarrassed but that’s not your fault. She probably won’t make that mistake again.

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Hahah I would’ve been like. “Ah come on are you serious!? Use some soap when you wash your hands please? You’re coughing and sneezing and stuff!” while laughing about it so they know I’m easy going, yet serious.

The defensive barrier is shattered by your laughter, no ones going to argue and be like, “Aw come on I used water it’s all good.”

Being as direct as you were most likely would stir up some defensive mechanism because they know they were wrong.

Make anyone laugh, get away with saying a lot!

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I think you were more than gracious and applaud you for prompting the clerk to do what she clearly should have done. And in wake of her obvious attitude issue, I would have clued in the manager to the need to intervene.

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Kudos for politely standing up for yourself! Me, I’d follow up this way: one, write a letter to the store manager apprising him of the experience; obviously the counter’s sanitation rules are lax and won’t change unless or until top management steps in. Two, think twice about continuing to patronize this counter.

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