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How feasible is it to make a blade out of pure diamond?

Asked by ragingloli (51956points) June 7th, 2014

Since artificial diamonds can already be produced, how difficult would it be to grow an entire blade, like a knife or sword?
And how robust would it be in combat?

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It would be sharp but very brittle. It would only be good for the first strike.

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Yes, very brittle.

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Looks like it could be done, theoretically.

I wouldn’t want it to be my main weapon, however. Good ceremonial sacrifice weapon, bad fencing sword.

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best question ever? possibly.

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They already use diamonds for surgical instruments but these things are very small and are treated gently. It’s not robust enough for anything bigger.

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Yeah, it would not do well as a combat blade. The surgical instruments they make with diamond are excellent- good at cutting through things like bone. I believe they use them in some diamond-tip drills as well- those can drill through pretty much anything. Not for a larger blade though- making a diamond that big would be a hassle too.

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