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Can too much salt make you feel sick?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46014points) July 22nd, 2014

Rick fried up some chicken and made some gravy last night. I was so looking forward to some bread n gravy. I love that stuff, have for as long as I can remember.

To my disappointment, the gravy was really salty, to the point I couldn’t even eat the second piece of bread.

Now I’m feeling kind of sick to my stomach. Could it be all the salt?

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Gravy—in any amount—would make me sick. Eugh.

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It could be the salt; Your body requires a certain amount of sodium, but not too much, so you could be having issues with too much sodium. Have you had a lot of water to drink, to dilute the salt in your body? That may hapt it pass through.

Remember that some athletes take salt pills for endurance and/or to retain water, so too much salt by itself is probably not the issue.

My vote is that something in the gravy—the grease, some other foodstuff – was spoiled.

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I would say so; saline water is often used as an emetic, to induce vomiting (for instance after ingesting something poisonous).

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They don’t take salt pills for endurance or to retain water, @elbanditoroso. Athletes are sweating the salt out of their body and it needs to be replaced or their muscles will start seizing up.
Well, I ate the chicken last night and it was fine. But drinking more water is a good idea, although I’ve reduced my intake because the Doc says I have low sodium.

@Michael_Huntington I like gravy! Especially home made chicken gravy.

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Makes me bloody thirsty in mackie-d’s!.....
Im not dead yet though.
So Im pretty sure I havent over done it yet.

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Well, for someone who’s used to it maybe it wouldn’t have any effect, but that was about 6X more salty than I can tolerate.

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Yes, too much salt can make you sick to your stomach.

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Excess salt causes my left and right inner ear chambers to swell up differently, causing dizziness. Maybe you have the same thing. Drink lots of water You will be OK once you pee out the excess salt.

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I find that I’m more sensitive to sodium and MSG as I get older. Every body processes the chemicals we ingest differently, and every body changes over the course of its lifetime.

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I can’t believe DA got this one right!

Yes Dutchess, this is why they recommend you not drink the ocean water when you are lost at sea. Drinking salt water will kill you.

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