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Why do I sometimes get a sharp pain in my chest?

Asked by Staufman (41points) July 12th, 2007 from iPhone

Sometimes I get a sharp pain on the right side of my chest. Breathing makes it worse. If I hold my breath it eventually goes away? Anyone know what this is or what causes it?

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It sounds to me believe it or not like gas. Although, I'd like to know how long the pain lasts when you have it.

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This is not something to guess about. I think Fluther has something in their Terms & Conditions about not being a source of medical information. IAC. GO SEE A DOCTOR. Sheesh.

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You need to see a doctor. Don't fuck around with this.

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Could be muscle spasm in which case massaging would help. But I agree w. all. We are speculating.. get to Doc's ASAP.

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This used to happen to me, too. I was so disturbed that I avoided seeing a doctor precisely because I thought it might turn out to be a serious medical problem. Aren't I a GENIUS? But it scared me into strengthening my heart - I started jogging. The pain only returns if I laze around for months and eat poorly. (This is not advice to you, by the way)

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definitely agree on the doctor thing. that said, i'll shamelessly offer my 2 cents on one of the things it could be: your ribs have joints in them and somtimes, depending on position, etc, they can get in a snit and pinch a nerve or whatever, when you breath a little it really hurts and when you breathe deeply it nudges the joint/nerve and it feels better.

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Had a heart attack at 32; don't guess at it, go to the doctor.

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I have intermittent sharp pains on left and right. Doctor supposed it was nerve pain and recommended a few days of ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Sort of worked. But I generally just deal with it when it comes up.

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