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What is causing this pain in my chest?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1944points) November 3rd, 2009

Ok, so I’m not sure if they’re correlated but yesterday I burped. It felt as if it was a normal burp but ever since then I’ve been experiencing a deep pain in my lower throat ranging through my chest. What is causing this. It feels similar to what I would guess heartburn might feel like but I’ve never had heartburn. I’m befuddled. Has anyone had a similar pain or know what is causing the pain? Should I go to Health Services?

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Yes. Go to a doctor.

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Pain in the chest is always a sign that you should go to the doctor.

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Call your doctor’s office and go in for an appt. This could be so many things: Heartburn, indigestion, reaction to a chemical, gall bladder inflammation….

Only a doctor can tell you for certain.

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Take some Mylanta and see if it helps. Do you feel pressure in your chest or pain in your jaw?

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Heartburn is a b*tch. It can feel really very nasty. It moves through you quicker if you stay upright and drink some water so you can burp. Also some Mylanta as @JLeslie suggested might help. I would try those.

If however you are worried at all or you start getting additional symptoms then call a doctor.

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does it feel like this?

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If the mylanta does nothing you should consider going to the doctor, or if suddenly you take a turn for the worse of course. Are you alone? If you are alone I might we quicker to suggest seeing a doctor right away.

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a xenomorph

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most likely heartburn, tr to treat it yourself, and if that does nothing, then go to a doctor.

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Is that “Health Services” as in free student health care?

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Go to the doctor, but it could just be acid reflux. Doctor, though, to be safe.

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@avvooooooo , Yes, health services as in “I’m a student with tuition-paid health care”. Thank you all for your advice, I was going to go tomorrow when they opened (they were closed by the time I posted this question) but it seems to have gone away for the most part by itself. I didn’t take anything so it was probably one of the less severe afflictions that you all mentioned. Again, thank you.

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@PrancingUrchin I betcha it was heartburn. It happens exactly like you described it. Part in the throat, part in the chest. Just keep some tums on hand for if it happens again.

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Sounds like heartburn to me, too. Your burp may have shot a bit of stomach acid up into your esophagus. Tums is a good choice as it will also give you your calcium ration.

If this happens more often than a couple times a week, then you may need to go to the doctor to see if it is GERD. Over time, GERD can cause some nasty changes in the cells lining the esophagus.

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@Darwin Especially since its an already-paid-for health services doctor.

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An EKG could prove that your heart is fine. The pain could have a psychosomatic reason. But to rule out anything serious go see a doctor.

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@Everyone, again thank you all for your concern and help. I can always count on Fluther. :)

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